OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

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 Login: GUEST


(only sysop, init.bcm)
Syntax: WAT(CHDOG) [<n>]
(default: 6)

0 watchdog is disabled
1 hardware watchdog enabled: pin 2 of lpt1 port use D0 with 10 Hz (only DOS)
2 software watchdog enabled: BCM watches himself and if a error is detected
  the watchdog is executed after 1 minute; if using oshell, the time is set to
  30 min; if watchdog is executed, a cold reboot of pc is done
4 debug mode: before doing any watchdog reset, a syslog entries is tried to
  perform; this may cause the watchdog to stuck, because filesystem have
  to live (#A in file "trace/syslog.bcm").

You can calculate the single values, this means "watchdog 7" activates all
possibilities. Sysops who want to have a stable software running and don't
use a hardware watchdog should use "watchdog 2".

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