OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


:: W -> TALK ::
Syntax: T(ALK) [ A(LL) | <call> ] <text>
(You may use CHA(T), CO(NVERS), M(SG) or W(RITE) instead)

Sends <text> to <call>. The specified user must be connected with the BBS
if you want to use this command.

T <call>
Everything you type after this command will be sent to <call>. Type "/q"
if you want to leave this mode.

T ALL <text>
Sends <text> to all stations connected with the BBS (the same as WALL).

Instead of TALK you also may use the commands CHAT, CONVERS, MSG and WRITE.
So everybody may use the command he likes.
Note: There exists one buffer for text transmissions. If the user reads
a long mail the buffer may run over. In this case an error message will
be displayed.

While in convers mode following command are possible:
/Quit /Bye /User /Who /Talk /Msg /Chat /Send !<cmd>

Quit, Bye: quit convers mode
User, Who: shows userlist
Talk, Msg, Chat, Send: - you can send another test with /T <call> <text>
                         to another user
                       - you can change convers partner with /T <call>
!<command>: The command is executed as at BBS prompt.

Examples:   T DL8MDW Hi Chris
            WALL The BBS will be shut down in 5 minutes!
            M DG3RBU

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