OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: V(ERSION)

Displays version number and date, free memory and free harddisk space.


Date: 10.09.2002 17:41:18z
OpenBCM V1.00 (Linux) (CB)
(c) GNU GPL 1992-2002 Florian Radlherr, DL8MBT et al.
CB-Version, Support only by DJJ812/DO1MJJ -
Compiled Sep 10 2002 17:27:39 with support for:
filesurf mailserver pocsagserver servif
radioif md serial guest ax25k autofwd runutils
macro yapp filefwd telnetfwd didadit convert
userLT fwd-edit redit tell extract
Uptime: 00:02
CPU: 5(GenuineIntel) 61120547536561 ticks BogoMips: 199.88
OS: Linux version 2.4.16
PR-Interface: BayCom-L2 200 ports, Linux Kernel AX25
Available Memory / Used Swap      : 35656 kB / 18976 kB
Info-Path: /bcm/info              : 7448 MB  (12024 MB)
User-Path: /bcm/user              : 7448 MB  (12024 MB)
BCM-Home:  /bcm                   : 7448 MB  (12024 MB)

"Support" shows all compiled options of the running version.
"Uptime" shows, how long the software runs without interruption
"CPU" indicates an approximate comparative figure of the speed of the
  computer. The measurement is very inexact and should not be overrated.
"Available Memory" shows the free RAM.
"Swap" is only correct at Linux version of the BCM BBS. At DOS there is a "-".
The other items show the directories of the BBS harddisk and the available
(total) harddisk memory.

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