OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: U(SERS) [<options>] [<search criteria>]

Shows the current settings of a user in a short format.

Available options for user search:
-a   shows all entries (only useful if no other options are specified)
-c   shows number of matching entries, not the entry itself
-d   user has set FHOLD
-f   shows the first matching entry, then stops searching
-h   shows users who set their helplevel to 0
-l   shows users who logged on for at least once
-m   shows users who set their MYBBS by themselves
-n   shows users whose MYBBS was extracted from a mail
-o   shows users who have not logged on to this BBS up to now
-p   shows users who have set a password
-q   shows users with newcall
-r   shows users whose user files are protected (not public available)
-s   shows users whose user state is larger than 0
-t   shows users who set a TTY password
-u   shows users whose MYBBS is unknown
-w   user has set FORWARD
-y   user has set NOPURGE

Search criteria:
  <call>    c=<call>   n=<name>      q=<qth>     z=<zipcode>
@=<BBS>     v=<via>    s=<language>  l=<date>

An entry will be displayed only if ALL specified criteria match.
The criteria l=<date> means, that all users will be displayed who logged
on to the BBS after <date>.

Examples:   U -LH @=AAB   Lists users who logged on to the BBS for at least
                          one time, who have set help-level 0 and whose
                          MYBBS call includes the string "AAB".
            U MBT         Lists users whose call includes the string "MBT".
            U -C DL       Lists number of users, whose call includes "DL".
            U -L N=John   Lists users who logged on for at least one time and
                          whose name is John.

Output format:
Call   Mybbs   Name         QTH          ZIP    Logs Last via     PTHRSUNAFSP
DGT274 @DBO274 Markus       Oelde        59302    24   8s Console 010000001DL

The displayed information have the following meaning:
Call:  Call of user
Mybbs: MYBBS of user (@:set, ?:presumed)
Name:  Name of user
QTH:   QTH of user
ZIP:   ZIP-Code of user
Logs:  number of the users logins
Last:  time since last login in seconds, minutes, hours or days (s/m/h/d)
via:   uplink digi at the last login
P:     user password: 0=no password, 1=user has set a password,
       2=password disabled
T:     TTY password: 0=no password, 1=user has set a password
H:     the users current help level
R:     Readlock: 0=all visible, 1=only read mails visible, 2=not visible
S:     Status: 0=normal user, 1=user without download quota, 2=no access
U:     Userforward: 0=no User-S&F, 1=User-S&F enabled
N:     Nopurge: 0=purge enabled, 1=purge disabled
A:     Away: 0=disabled, 1=enabled
F:     FHold: 0=disabled, 1=enabled
SP:    speech/language: e.g. DL (for german), GB (for english)

The name of the user has been specified by himself or has been extracted from
a received mail or bulletin.

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