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:: TTYFWD ::
(only sysop, only DOS, option _TTY in config.h)

TTY S&F via telephone, settings

  You can use telephone S&F easily with BCM. Knowledge about AT commands
  of phone modems and parameters of "init.bcm" and "fwd.bcm" are provided.
  You need a telephone modem and a serial port with free IRQ. It's also
  possible to use a ISDN card with modem emulation.

  First you have to setup serial port. There are two parameters in "init.bcm":
  TTYMODE is used like in older BCM versions.
  TTYDEVICE configures the modem.

  To use TTY S&F you have to set parameter of TTYDEVICE min. to value "2".
  S&F via nullmodem is possible, but you should better use S&F via KISS if
  using nullmodem cable. The last four parameters of TTYMODE should
  be "N,8,1,E".

  TTYDEVICE <value>

  0    terminal device (default)
  1    nullmodem link (master, use 0 for slave)
  2    telephone modem: if a modem is connected, it's initalised after
       every login cyclus; if a RING signal is detected, BCM takes the line;
       after successful "CONNECT" message TTY behaviour is same like normal
       terminal; if "NO CARRIER" is detected login is stopped; if a login
       is stopped (with "quit", "exit"... or "NO CARRIER") modem sets
       DTR line to low; this is also done after three logins with wrong
       TTY password
  3    telephone modem with check: same as parameter 2, but "getty" is
       automatically terminated if modem is not responding any more or
       if no hangup is possible via DTR line

  In the next step the configuration of file "inittty.bcm" must be done:

  comadr 0                 dezimal address (not HEX!) of serial port, if set
                           to 0, port number defined in "init.bcm" is used and
                           address is set automatically
  comirq 0                 interrupt (IRQ) of serial port, if set to 0 the
                           default IRQ or serial port defined in "init.bcm" is
  cmdatz ATZ               command for modem initialisation
  cmdata ATA               command for modem to take off
  cmdatd ATD               command for modem dialing
  ringindicator RING       modem code if ringin
  connectindicator CONNECT modem code if connect success
  dailprefix               dailing prefix code
  dailsuffix               dailing suffix code
  ringtimeout 30           waiting time in seconds between takeoff and CONNECT
  dailtimeout 40           waiting time for dialing process until abort, e.g.
                           if target station not available (in seconds)
  daildelay 0              waiting time until next dailing try (in seconds)
  connectdelay 0           waiting time in seconds until next successful
  maxcontime 0             time for "maxcons", if set to 0 it's inactive (in
  maxcons 0                amount of dailing tries during "maxcontime", if set
                           to 0 no limit (in seconds)

  Hint: use "0W" if you have not a direct telephone line as "dailprefix",
  for further informations look at your modem/telephone documentation.
  Use commands "maxcontime" and "maxcons" to configure dialing tries. If you
  want to start only one S&F connect per hour, set "maxcontime" to 3600
  and "maxcons" to 1.

  Now you can use telephone modem for S&F and user login. If you want to
  do S&F via tty do following:

  - tty passwords must be the same at both S&F partners and also both
    normal ax25 S&F passwords must be the same
  - use following entry for automatic S&F in file "fwd.bcm":
    instead of connect call and digi use "<call> TTY <nummer>";
    use call without SSID, e.g.
    "DBO812 AAAA...............AAAAA DBO812 TTY 2356";
    the BBS is dialing automatically if S&F parameter is "D"; if there
    is only an "A", BBS is only sending if it's connected by others;
  - if the BBS is called, BBS is take off automatically, if you don't
    want this, use a timeclock for modem.

  Start S&F with "TTYDIAL <call> <nummer>". If tty S&F is configured
  in "fwd.bcm", command "SF <call>" is also working and BBS is dailing
  at all configured times defined in file "crontab.bcm" automatically if
  "maxcontime" and "maxcons" are set. You may use command "TTYSTATUS" to
  show process status. TTY is always using RTS/CTS.

  If you use a slow computer (e.g. 486SX), using of FBB S&F may be
  slow down S&F, because compressing takes more time than using
  uncompressed ASCII S&F and send some more data. So use ASCII protocol
  in those cases, most modems use a hardware compression anyway.

TTY S&F via telephone, usage

  All inputs and outputs can be shown with command "monitor" at "getty" task.
  Here only login screen is visible, if another user or S&F partner is
  logging in, you have to monitor the equivalent task.

  "TTYSTATUS" shows status of serial port
  "TTYWIN" shows outputs in own window

  Following parameters are possible:
  TTY  mode of tty port
  POS  0  wait for ring         (waits for "RING", sends after that "ATA")
       1  busy                  (tty-port is used at the moment, e.g. hangup)
       2  ring, wait connect    (waits for "CONNECT" message from modem)
       3  dialup, wait connect  (waits for "CONNECT" message from modem)
       4  wait for login        (waits for input of call and password)
       5  eingeloggt            (new task is opening)
       /0 /1 dialup             (BBS is called or is dailing at the moment)
  CALL call, logged in at tty port
  TASK number of task, using tty port
  CMD  shows if modem is in command mode
  RX   shows how much rx bytes are in serial buffer, use > for stopping input
  TX   shows how much tx bytes are in serial buffer, use > for stopping output
  LINE baud rate of telephone line (taken from "CONNECT" message)
  ECH  echo mode
       0 no echo
       1 normal echo
       2 "*" are send back (password query)
  Also online time, some variables and tty port errors are shown.

  You can hangup immediately with "kill" of S&F task or use command
  "TTYHANGUP". DTR line is set to LOW at this moment. Modem must be set
  to hangup if getting a DTR Low signal. If this is not set in this way,
  BBS shows a error message and fries or stops "getty" until error
  is solved.

  Use command "TTYCMD" to send modem commands. This is only possible if
  modem is in command mode.

TTY S&F via telephone, solutions

  - BBS doesn't dial, but can handle dailin's:
    Check parameters "maxcons", "maxcontime" and S&F time in
    file "crontab.bcm"!
  - BBS doesn't allow any logins:
    You need a password for tty port, check if it's set!
  - modem is doing nothing:
    check port parameters, or check if modem is running with normal
    terminal program! Also use command "TTYSTATUS" for some hints.
  - BBS takes off but disconnects immediately:
    modem isn't allowed to take off itself, because BBS is sending
    this command to modem, check documentation of modem to change this

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