OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: ST(ATUS) F(ORWARD) [<boxcall>]

Lists statistics for forward. If no <boxcall> is added, a statistic about
all forward partners is shown.

The following information will be displayed:
  - BBS:      call of the BBS to which mails have to be forwarded
  - Status:   status of connect:
                ok       = last fwd-connect was ok
                setup    = fwd-connect is setup
                no link  = last fwd-connect resumed with error
                f end    = fwd-connect is ending
                a recv   = mail receive with ASCII mode
                a send   = mail send with ASCII mode
                f recv   = mail receive with FBB mode
                f recvp  = mail receive proposal with FBB mode
                f delay  = delay with FBB mode
                f send   = mail send with FBB mode
                f sendp  = mail send proposal with FBB mode
                filefwd  = fileforward with this mailbox activated
  - In:       period since the last successful received mail from BBS
              (if there is nothing shown here, there was not a connect yet)
  - Out:      period since the last successful transmitted mail to BBS
              (if there is nothing shown here, there was not a connect yet)
  - MailTX:   amount of transmitted mails
  - MailRX:   amount of received mails
  - RTT:      needed time for connecting
  - User:     number of user mails not yet forwarded
  - Info:     number of bulletins not yet forwarded
  - WP/EM:    number of WP/Erase/MYBBS informations not yet forwarded
  - Bytes:    amount of data volume not yet forwarded

Total adds the amount of all not yet forwarded mails of all s&f partners.
All data display the results since last BBS restart or BBS initialisation
with NEW command.

Example: ST F DB0AAB

See also HELP NEW.

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