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This is a configuration example for SMTP user clients (this example
is made for Netscape Communicator's v4.01 and db0aab BCM server).

Add a new profile with program "User Profile Manager". Use following

     Add your name at field "name":
     Deti Fliegl

     Add your email address:

     Add name of profile:

     Again add your name and email address. Use
     as SMTP Server.

     The "Mail Server User Name" is:

     Define "Incoming Mail Server":

     That's all. Start your communicator and go to "Edit/Preferences",
     select "Mail&Groups/Mail Server". Under line "POP3" there is a
     checkbox "Leave Messages on server after retrieval". Click on it if
     you want that your mails are available later via "normal" packet radio
     access to BBS. If you don't want to store mails, uncheck this checkbox.

One other general hint: If your TCP/IP server doesn't support any
nameserver (DNS) you have to use IP address instead of hostnames or you
add those IP address to your hosts file on your client system:

   * using windows you can find this file under "\windows\hosts"
   * using winNT look for "\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"
   * using Linux/Unix use "/etc/hosts"

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