OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


:: REORG X ::
(only sysop)
Syntax: REO(RG) X

The command renames existing BID files, reads all existing bulletin
mails, deletes double found and than copies files back. You should
not disturb this process, if doing so (e.g. power fail) try to copy
manuell files bids2.reo and bidh2.reo back to *.bcm files.

The BID files are smaller during "reorg x" process than normal.
Note: don't copy those files during "reorg x" is running! This can lead
to data loose!

During "reorg x" BBS is set to disable automatically, because the
execution is critical. Before starting, no other user/BBS should
be logged in. During running no new mails should be received.
If you follow above notes, the procedure is running with trouble
and you have no risc. But don't use "reorg x" to often, because
process is may running quite long (about 1-4 hours).

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