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 Login: GUEST


:: REORG ::
(only sysop)
Syntax: REO(RG) [<subcommand>]

Starts reorganisation of all mail informations. Files "bid2.bcm"/"bid3.bcm",
"bidh2.bcm", "checknum.bcm", "hadrhash.bcm", "userhash.bcm", "list.bcm" and
"check.bcm" can be restored completly from mail files. For restoring process
all mail files must be read, so if database is very big, this procedure can
take a long time.

The reorg procedure can take between 10 minutes and 5 hours, but
normal process of BBS is not disturbed. Reading operations can be
done with any restrictions. If doing writing operations the save
procedure can take about 10 seconds longer than normal. While
CHECK list and BID database is rebuilt (around 1/3 part of whole reorg time)
writing operations (SEND command) are not allowed. User gets a
note about that.

REORG creates tempfiles during process ("list.$$$" and "check.$$$"),
these files are renamed after finishing REORG. So, it's not critical
if power fails during reorg. You need enough space on your harddisk
to save a copy of "users4.bcm" (around 30-40 MBytes).

Subcommands of REORG:
 REORG B  only build new "list.bcm" for bulletins
 REORG C  only build new "check.bcm" (from existing "list.bcm" files)
 REORG F  create all "list.bcm" new, maybe add BIDs missing in BID database,
          then like reorg (without parameters)
 REORG H  only H-address (build hash and do a check)
 REORG I  rebuild BID database file (build hash and do a check)
 REORG L  rebuild user database (build hash and do a check)
 REORG N  creates new list of boardname ("checknum.bcm"),
          "reorg n" is included if you do a "reorg c"
 REORG P  erase old entries from user database
 REORG U  rebuild only "list.bcm" for user mails
 REORG X  delete double existing bulletins

 REORG    <without parameters> makes a default reorg which contains
          of: reorg b+c+h+i+u

REORG L, REORG P and REORG X must be called manuell if needed.
While REORG is running you can look with PS command which part of reorg
is running.


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