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:: RANGE ::
You can specify a range everywhere a number of mails (e.g. at the commands
DIR, LIST, READ and ERASE) can be choosen. You can specify a board
in front of the range. If a board is missing, the board is used you worked on
last. If you specify a range, only the mails in this range will be processed.
The current board can be displayed at the prompt (see HELP MACROS).

The range is specified with the mail numbers, which are displayed at the
DIR and LIST command. The newest mail has the largest number. The oldest
mail has number one.

You can select the range in the following ways:

     specified range ! with this range selected mails
        <nothing>    ! all mails of the current board
            5        ! only number 5
           -7        ! the last (=newest) 7 mails
           1-9       ! the first 9 mails
           3-        ! all mails beginning at number 3
           2-5       ! all mails from 2 by 5 (2, 3, 4 and 5)
        <string>     ! all mails which contain <string> in the title

Examples:   R IBM 1-4          Lists mails 1 to 4 in the board IBM.
            L INFO -10         Lists the last 10 (=newest) mails in the
                               board <INFO>.
            E DX 4             Erases the 4th mail in the boards <DX>.
            D ALINCO "DJ-F4"   Lists all mails of the board <ALINCO>
                               which contain "DJ-F4" in the title.

A specified string will be searched in the list file. Because in the
list file also the BID of a mail is saved, it is possible that a "wrong"
mail is displayed. Depending on the settings of your options after LIST,
DIR, CHECK and READ more or less information about a mail will be displayed.

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