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(only sysop, init.bcm, only Linux)
Syntax: RA(DIO_PORT) [<n>]
(default: 0)

Defines port number for radio interface (Net-CMD interface) for Linux.
This interface is used by Wampes or TNT, there is a TCP/IP socket existing
for use to connect.

Example: "telnet localhost 8134" connects with radio interface.
         Then a "CONNECT AX25 OE1XLR OE3DZW-12" can be used to
         connect to "oe1xir" as "oe3dzw-12".

Interface of wampes and TNT is a bit different, implementation of BCM
interface uses the TNT definition:

--- TNT documentation:
The Netcmd-server works compatible to Wampes. So after connect to the
socket, the server is in command mode and accepts three commands: ASCII,
BINARY and CONNECT. Any other input or wrong arguments lead to a closing of
the connection.

ASCII selects a translation from line feed to carriage return before
transmitting data on the AX25 side and vice versa. This is the default mode.

BINARY selects a transparent connection without any character translation.

CONNECT starts an AX25 connection (..). It needs additional
parameters, the syntax is:

CONNECT <transport mode> <destination callsign> [source callsign]

The only valid value for "transport mode" is AX25, other modes will lead to
a closing of the connection. The destination callsign must not contain any
digipeaters. (...)

After a successful link setup the server will switch to data mode, all
received data will be sent to the socket, all data from the socket will be
transmitted on the AX25 side.

When the link setup was not successful, the socket connection will be simply
disconnected without any further information.

The connect the paths defined in file "netpath.bcm" are used.
  ------ l2path.bcm
  ; comments are ignored (start with ;)
  ; format: <to_call>: <path>
  db0clx:  db0clx oe1xlr
  ha5dxx:  ha5dxc oe1xlr oe3xpr

The interface can be used with port number "radio_port". If "0" is used, the
interface is disabled (default). If you change settings, the BBS must be
Example: RADIO_PORT 4718

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