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:: PURGE A ::
(only sysop)
Syntax: PU(RGE) A

Starts purge process for whole BBS. This command normally must only run once a
day and should be set through "crontab.bcm" file.

During purge process all marked mails for erasing and mails whos lifetime
is done are being deleted. Purge really deletes, this means NO possiblity with
UNERASE to undelete those mails. Also all empty subdirectories are deleted.
Sysop can disable purge process with parameter "NOPURGE 1" (See HELP NOPURGE).

The purge process may be running long time if PC is slow and mail database is
big. Purge is done in about 1 minute with modern computers. All other
processes can be proceed during the purge process, maybe only some commands
are a bit slower.

After purge is done, a notice is add to file "trace/syslog.bcm":
format:     mbpurge: 10 era, 20 lt, 234 all
   where  era:  number of mails being purged because of erase
           lt:   number of mails being purged because of lifetime
          all:  all proceeded mails

If PURGE detects a broken "list.bcm" file, this file is being deleted, PURGE
is stopped and REORG is executed. If PURGE detects a broken CHECK file, this
file is being generated again automatically after purge job.

PURGE <board> processes only one board. If no parameter is added the command
is accessable for each user, and is purging his user mailboard.

To disable a purge for a special user mailboard, use ALTER NOPURGE 1.
This can only be done by sysop. So other silly users can't delete
mails anymore. (sysop should use: "setuser <call> nopurge [ 0 | 1 ]")
If PURGE is used for bulletins, the generation of checknumbers are
processed in the background.


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