OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


The following processes are running permanently or cyclically:

Desktop       the mainscreen, the father of all running processes
Console       a small windows in which all system messages are shown;
              messages about system errors will be written additionally
              into the file "trace/syslog.bcm"
Monitor       a window in which the AX25 traffic is shown
Sysop         the windows in which the sysop is logged in on the screen
logind        login demon. This process tests all TNC channels cyclically
              and looks after new logins and disconnects. From here all
              arriving BBS tasks are created.
forwardd      forward demon. This process tests if there are mails which are
              to be forwarded and, if so, if the time matches with the
              setting in the "fwd.bcm". Every half hour the files
              "bulletin.bcm" and "init.bcm" are written to the harddisk
crond         navigates all crontab processes (e.g. purge, reorg etc.)
purge         mucks out everything. The whole filesystem is searched if
              there is a mails with went off lifetime or deleted mails, which
              will really be deleted then.
reorg         reorganisates the mailsystem of BBS
postfwd       add stuck user mails to forward trigger files "fwd/u_<bbs>.bcm"

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