OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Example: PS -AB

Task Event Kdeb  CPUt Create Input Name      Command
   0 146    210  0.0s    5h        Desktop
   1 251    210  0.0s    5h        Console
   2 789    711  0.5s    5h        Sysop
   3 246    000  0.1s    5h        logind
   4 2514   000  0.0s    5h        cron
   5 79     000  0.1s    5h        telnetd
   6 79     000  0.0s    5h        httpd
   7 79     000  0.0s    5h        sendmail
   8 79     000  0.0s    5h        popper
   9 235  25701  2.5s    5h   13m  DL2FZN    d o
s 10 235    101  3.5s   66m    0s  DL2FZN   *ps -ab
  11 235    101   3.9   18m   26s  DC6IU     l ibm
  15 235    101   8.5   26m    5m  DG1GOB    R CONTEST 88
  20 242    101   0.8   11m   35s  DG5MGN    rep
  23 47   26501  1.8s   24m   93s  DB0AIS   *fwd: rx proposal

Task:    The number of the task. The own login is marked with "*".
Event:   Event the process waits for:
         kbhit:    keyboard
         putf:     free TNC send buffer
         getv:     sign arrived from the TNC
         slice:    interrupted because the task exceeded the process time,
                   i.e. this task works with full blast
         <number>: wait time in milliseconds, how long a running process is
                   interrupted. As the timer (DOS ticker) has a granularity
                   of 55ms, the exact value is used for the identification
                   of the calling position. Insiders can see the reason for
                   the interruption out of this figure.
Kdeb:    process type. Kd:bit-field with task e:screen windows b:BBS
CPUt:    time since the beginning of the process
Create:  time, how long the process exists
Input:   time, how long the user has not send something
Mycall:  connected call
Uplink:  uplink digi or TCP/IP address
Bytes:   transmitted data per task
Board:   active board
Name:    process name or call of the user
Command: the last command of the task
Wait:    sequence of all processes in the queue-up
Stack:   maximal stack size of all processes

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