OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


(only sysop)
Syntax: PO(STFWD)

This command resend user mail to @MYBBS. All not forwarded user mails are
searched and resend, if they are stick to this BBS.

Mails can be stuck to BBS and resend through "postfwd" command, if
- a disconnect or BBS shutdown appears during their arrive in this BBS
- the H-address was unknown when mail arrives
- the mail was addressed wrong, but right MYBBS is known by BBS
- if mail was addressed wrong and MYBBS is unknown, but in the
  meantime a mail of recipient was arrived where his MYBBS can
  be calculated from

"postfwd" resend also mails to forward trigger file which are in this
file. This means, that some mails are added more than one time, so
forward file grews up bigger than needed, if neighbour BBS can't be reached
for some time. But forward file is very small, so harddisk space isn't wasted
too much through this procedure.

"postfwd" should be entered once a day. Use an entry in file "crontab.bcm"
to do this automatically:

file: crontab.bcm
;minute   hour  day month weekday   command
5           2    *    *     *       postfwd
; calls postfwd each day at 2.05

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