OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


(only when enabled by sysop)
Syntax: POCSAGS(ERVER) <command> <servname> [parameter]

Notifying function for POCSAG user.

If a new mail for a POCSAG user arrives a mail for his POCSAG server
will be created. The user gets information that a new mail has arrived at
his MYBBS. This mail is transported in BBS board "P". If "P" does not
exist, it will be created as mainboard (not readable for users).

For using POCSAG function there must be a list of server created (similar
to mailserv) with its users. Following commands are possible:

- NEWLIST (+L)                 add new server list
- DELLIST (-L)                 remove complete server list
- DESCRIPTION                  description of server list
- ADDUSER (+U) / SUBSCRIBE     add user to list
- DELUSER (-U) / UNSUBSCRIBE   delete user from list
- INFO, LIST                   shows all server lists

In addition to that there is the possibility to write a mail directly to
a POCSAG user:

  POCSAGS(ERVER) PAGE <callsign> <short text>

<short text> is only allowed to be as long as one input line.

The sysop can enable/disable pocsagserver with command "pocsaglistserver".


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