OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: Path [<options>] [ <address> | <string> ]

 p -a <addr>    shows all data of <adr> provided that at least one mail
                arrived from this BBS.
                The following information will be displayed:
                H-Addr:     complete H-address at the last update
                R-Header:   infoline of the R:-Header
                Last BID:   BID of the last mail from this BBS
                Last Board: board of the last mail
                Last User:  user the last mail of this BBS is from
                Bulletins:  number of bulletins which arrived from this BBS
                Usermails:  number of user mails which arrived from this BBS
                Then there follows a list of up to 5 neighbour BBS,
                when how many (Count) mails with what runtime (Delay)
                via how many BBS (Hops) arrived. Using this information
                you possibly can suggest a suitable way back for the mails.

 p -ar <addr>   same like "p -a <addr>", but also the WPROT routing infos
                are shown if available

 p -f <addr>    shows if mail can be forwarded to <addr>

 p -s <string>  searches a string in the list of all BBS. This string can
                be part of the H-address or the info part of the R:-header.
                e.g.  p -s #bay  searches for all bavarian BBS
                      p -s bcm   searches for all BCM
                There will be shown the total number of mails of the
                respective BBS, the time when this information has been
                updated last, the H-address and the R:-infoline.

 p -sh <string> only searches in the header lines, not in the addresses

 p -sp <string> only searches in the H-addresses, not in the headers

 p -sc <string> only counts the number of found lines, but does not display

 p -saf <addr>  compares settings of "fwd.bcm" with local H-address database

 p -sfn         shows all BBS with path errors


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