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(only sysop)
Syntax: MV(BOARD) <oldmain> <boardname> <newmain>

MVBOARD moves a subboard to another main boardname. Name of subboard isn't
changed during this procedure.

Example:  MVBOARD tmp c64 computer
          -> moves board c64 from TMP to COMPUTER main boardname

If you want to create a new main boardname from sub boardname, use "/".

Examples: MVBOARD / c64 computer
          -> moves mainboard C64 to COMPUTER/C64

          MVBOARD tmp c64 /
          -> moves board TMP/C64 to C64 main boardname

The contents of the moving board renain unchanged during the moving procedure.
Don't use TRANSFER command in those cases, because it's too slow and you need
a change of boardname. Lifetime of board is set after moving with MVBOARD to
default infolifetime. You have to use LIFETIME command to change it.

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