OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: MAILLISTS <command> <mailing list> [parameter]

Mailserver can be used to deliver one mail to more than one recipient.
If you'll like to send a mail to an existing mailserver send your mail to BBS
call and use as mail title "mailto <servname>" and then your subject.


Following commands are available for configuration of mailserver:
HELP MAILServer +L      : add mailing list
HELP MAILServer -L      : delete mailing list
Help MAILServer Newlist : add mailing list
Help MAILServer Dellist : delete mailing list
HELP MAILServer DESCR   : define mailing list description
HELP MAILServer OPTION  : set mailing list options
HELP MAILServer +U      : add a call to list
HELP MAILServer -U      : remove a call from list
Help MAILServer ADDUser : add a call to list
Help MAILServer DELUser : remove a call from list
HELP MAILServer +M      : add maintainer to list
HELP MAILServer -M      : remove maintainer from list
Help MAILServer ADDMain : add maintainer to list
Help MAILServer DELMain : remove maintainer from list
HELP MAILServer Info    : show all mailing lists
Help MAILServer List    : show all mailing lists
HELP MAILServer RESET   : set list counter to 1
HELP MAILServer SUBSC   : add your own call to mailing list
HELP MAILServer UNSUB   : delete your own call from mailing list
HELP MAILServer SETNUM  : set list counter

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