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:: MACROS ::
A macro is an abbreviation which can be used in the prompt text, system
messages and in any kind of msg/*.* files. This macro will be expanded to a
curtain information everytime the prompt/file is shown.

The following macros can be used in the prompt (and CTEXT/CNEW/INFO):
  %a   used CPU capacity of the BBS (in the last 40 seconds)
  %b   current boardname
  %c   call of the user
  %d   current date
  %e   new mails count since last CHECK/DIR NEWS
  %f   free blocks
  %h   the user's helplevel
  %i   login time
  %j   sysop/user prompt
  %k   amount of bulletin mails in BBS
  %l   last login (date and time)
  %m   call of the BBS
  %n   the user's name
  %o   number of logged-in users
  %p   needed CPU time since the login
  %r   Linefeed (RETURN)
  %s   shows free memory (heap), value is shown in kBytes
  %t   current time
  %u   shows "uptime" of BBS since last reset
  %v   version of the BBS software
  %w   shows read/writen bytes
  %%   the "%"-sign

Examples:   A PR (%b) %c de %m>          creates prompt like Thebox
            (BAYCOM) DL8MBT de DB0AAB>

            A PR [%o/%a%%](%b)-->        shows number of logins and used
            [22/95%](DL8MBT)-->          capacity at the prompt

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