OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

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 Login: GUEST


(only sysop)
Syntax: LIF(ETIME) <board> <maximum LT> [<minimum LT>]

The lifetime shows how long a mail stays in the BBS before it is deleted
automatically. The lifetime of each bulletinboard is set by the BBS sysop.
The lifetime of all userboards is the same, but it can be changed by the

Maximum value is 999 days (never purged), minimum can be 1 day.
All lifetimes of boards are being saved in file "bulletin.bcm".
If a user selects a lifetime for his own mails, the value is limited
to <maximum LT> parameter. Sysops can break the limitation in any case.
If a second lifetime <minimum LT> is added the mails are being purged
after <minimum LT> days. The default value of <minimum LT> is 1.

LIFETIME BAYCOM 360 180     mails are being purge minimal after 180 days,
                            maximum after 360 days if mail was set with a user
                            lifetime; mails without any lifetime set by user
                            are being purged after 360 days

LIFETIME BAYCOM 999 999     mails aren't being purged in any case and all
                            mails are set to LT 999

LIFETIME BAYCOM   3   3     mails are being purged after 3 days in any case.

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