OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


(only sysop, init.bcm)
Syntax: INFOP(ATH) [<directory>]
(default: "/bcm/info/")

Sets path where bulletins are stored. Default value is subdirectory "info" of
BCM directory. INFOPATH may be set to another drive (DOS) or other
directories. Instead of backslash "\" a slash "/" is used (important for

Example: infopath d:/info

Running DOS it makes sense to set INFOPATH to a single drive, because DOS
filesystem FAT16 uses clustersize for each file as following:
              partition size    cluster size
       partition until 256 MB    4 kBytes
               256  -  512 MB    8 kBytes
               512  - 1024 MB   16 kBytes
              1024  - 2048 MB   32 kBytes
              2048  - 4096 MB   64 kBytes
So each mail uses at partion size of 2.5 GigaBytes minimum 64 kBytes! Even
with 450 MB partion size a cluster size of 8 kBytes is used. With 8 kBytes
less than 50% of size is used for storing real data. That's a lot of overhead
and unused harddisk size. So it makes sense to use a single system, a single
user and a single info drive.

INFOPATH can be also set to a network drive. This is perhaps a trick to use
other filesystems (novell, ext2fs, winnt) running dos. Another trick is to use
FAT32 filesystem, but there are some problem with newer DOS version and DOS
command prompt of BCM reported. Try it!

Running Linux you should select an ext2fs partition with 1 or 2 kByte inode

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