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You can search a usercall (FIND command) on all digis or ports sysop defines
in setsearch file. This file is saved as "s.fpr" in flexnet directory and
has following format:

   <call1> [<call2> [<call3> [<call4> [<call5>]]]]

Example of a "s.fpr" file:      search paths for FIND command
                                DB0DIG via DB0HOM
                                DB0ZDF via DB0ODW

First links in above exmaple defines the own digi (userport with SSID 0).
Second line defines that search is executed also on channel with SSID -2
(e.g. second userport). Third line shows how you can setup an entry to
neighbour digi DB0DIG. You can also define a search path to a not
directly connectable digi. DB0ZDF can not be connected in above example
from DB0HOM via flexnet autorouter but via DB0ODW.

- if you want to search on channels with different SSID, you have to add them
  as separate entries (like "DB0HOM-2" or "-2" in following examples).

- instead of own MYCALL you can use "-"

  Example (same like above):    search paths for FIND command
                                DB0DIG -
                                DB0ZDF via DB0ODW

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