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PARMS <param> <..> <..>

With PARMS command you can define txdelay and SSID of a channel.

a) To setup txdelay at channel <port>:
   Syntax:       P T <txdelay> <port>
   Range:        1...255 [ 10 msec steps ]
   Example:      P T 12 3    means a txdelay of 120ms at port 3

b) To setup a SSID at channel <port>:
   Syntax:       P S <ssid> [ port | 16 ]
   Range:        must be in range of set MYCALL SSID range
   Example:      P S 15 15

   You can delete a defined SSID if you set it to (not existent) channel
   16: P I <ssid> 16

   If a channel has not a defined SSID, only connects of link partner
   are allows. For testing purpose it's better to define for each channel
   a SSID, and only delete SSID if port should have only one
   exclusive link.

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