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(only sysop)
MODE <channel> <mode>

You can define speed and channel options with MODE command of each single
channel. Speed can be a multiplier of 300 Bit/s; the following two 0 must
not be added.

channel mode options are:
 <num>- speed (only valid with internal tact)
  "c" - with CRC-KISS or software-DCD (e.g. SCC cards, baycom modem)
  "d" - fullduplex channel (default: halfduplex)
  "m" - DAMA master
  "r" - external, hardware receive tact (e.g. G3RUH modem)
  "s" - channel synchronisation (e.g. two channels on one frequency)
  "t" - external, hardware send tact (e.g. G3RUH modem)
  "u" - user channel (txdelay measurement, DAMA master)
  "y" - auto-sysop (every time sysop without password)
  "z" - NRZ code (e.g. DF9IC modem), in other case NRZI
  "-" - switch of this channel
  "." - dummy, if no other parameter is needed

Examples:  1) "mode 2 12cmu" : 1200-Bit/s user channel with serial
                               BayCom modem and DAMA mode on channel 2
           2) "mode 3 96dtrz": 9600-Bit/s fullduplex with DF9IC-FSK
                               modem at channel 3
           3) "mode 4 -"     : switch off channel 4 (is not working
                               with every driver!)

The accurate function of each parameter depends on driver, not every driver
supports all parameters.

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