OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

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The output of all connect from and via the digipeater contains in second
columne the layer2 states. The meaning of them are shown below. For further
information have a closer look at AX25 Version 2 protocol specifications.

stat meaning
 1   Disconnected
 2   Link setup
 3   Frame reject
 4   Disconnect request
 5   Information transfer
 6   REJ frame sent
 7   Waiting acknowledge
 8   Device busy
 9   Remote device busy
10   Both devices busy
11   Waiting acknowledge and device busy
12   Waiting acknowledge and remote device busy
13   Waiting acknowledge and both devices busy
14   REJ frame sent and Device Busy
15   REJ frame sent and remote device busy
16   REJ frame sent and both devices busy

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