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The command BEACON defines the configuration of mailbeacon of PC/Flexnet
digi. This information is saved in file "b.fpr".

There are some rules for "b.fpr":
- on all links there can be so much beacons defined as you like
- every beacon line has following structure:
  <min> <port> <tocall [via <call> [<call>...]]> : <text> #

  "#"      divides different beacon informations
  <min>    is the time in minutes between two beacon transmissions
           (range: 0...255 [min]; 0 means no beacon)
  <port>   is the channel where the beacon should transmitted
  <tocall> is the target call of the beacon, e.g. "BEACON", "RMNC",
           "FLXNET","TEST" or others
  via      there may be defined up to 8 digipeaters over which the beacon
           should be transmitted

  Example:   #10 0 FLEX:Digi Homburg - JN39PJ - Homburg/Hoecherberg - R 61
             #30 1 FLEX DB0DIG DB0HOM:Interlink DB0HOM-DB0DIG QRV
             #5 0
             FLXNET:Testbake.... DB0xxx

  The above example transmits three beacons, which are divided through
  "#" char (bake1...#...bake2...#...bake3).

- between the single beacons you can use carriage returns (CR) for
  better overview of file
- it makes sense to put the "#" chars (as in example) at beginning of
  lines, then beacons have a CR at their end
- capital/small letters don't worry for call
- the sender call of each beacon is everytime the MYCALL of digi
- if there is no beacon defined, digi sends each three minutes a default
  beacon on user channel (SSID 0)

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