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Connection between BCM and PC/Flexnet.

a) BBS and digi on same computer:
BCM BBS is connected internal via port 15 from PC/Flexnet with digi.
Parameters are: MODE 15 y       - automatic sysop
                P T 0 15        - set TXDelay to zero (internal link!)
                P S 15 15       - add an SSID (e.g. 15)
                L 15 <call>-8 @ - add BBS link entry
At BBS the parameter MYCALL must be set: MYCALL <call>-8

b) BBS and digi on different computers:
At BBS computer the channel mode (MODE, PARMS) must be set with FSET command.
Example:        FSET MODE 0 19200c     - CRC-KISS with 19k2 baud
                FSET TXD  0 1          - TxDelay is set to 10 ms
At digi computer you set:
                MODE 7 19200c          - CRC-KISS with 19k2 baud
                P T 1 0                - TxDelay is set to 10 ms
                P S 5 5                - add an SSID (e.g. 5)
                L 5 DB0ABC-8 @         - add BBS link entry
The link should be added with "L <port> <call>-8 @" at digi computer.
Note: add your local digi as via entry to your "fwd.bcm" at each path
you set, e.g.: "...AA <target> <local digi>".

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