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:: EXPORT ::
(only sysop)
Syntax: EXP(ORT) [-a] [-b] [-u] <filename> <command>

All output of BBS command <command> are saved to file <filename>.

Example:   export ibm.txt r ibm 120-140
           export text d dl8mbt 1-

 -a  output will be add to an existing file, without option "-a" the existing
     file will be overwriten without further note
 -b  will do a transparent output (only needed under DOS)
 -u  command is executed by user not sysop, this is important for runutils.

Example:   EXPORT -a test.txt ps
           EXPORT -u server.txt ps -abs

This command can also be used to prevent output of commands.

Example:   EXPORT NUL OS blabla.exe

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