OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



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:: E -> ERASE ::
Syntax: E(RASE) [<board>] [<range>]

Erases the mails specified with <range> in <board>. If you do not specify a
board, the mails in the last used board will be erased. If you do not specify
a range, the last read mail will be erased.

Examples:   E DL8MBT 3-4   erases mails 3-4 from DL8MBT
            E 1            erases mail 1 of the current board

You are only allowed to erase own mails you send or if they are for your call.
With ERASE a mail will only be marked as erased. Using UNERASE you can unmark
this mail. With the command PURGE mails will really be erased. If a mail is
erased with the ERASE command, the numbers of the other mails will not change.

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