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(only sysop, init.bcm, only DOS)
Syntax: DOSINPUT [ 0 | 1 ]

Defines execution of DOS command.

   As usual DOS command system calls can only write to standard output (no
   direct screen output). Command isn't allowed to wait for ANY user input.
   If a program waits for user input, BBS watchdog will hopeful reset PC
   and reboot.

   User input for dos commands are allowed. If DOSINPUT is set to 1, it's
   possible to use "o time". So it's recommented to use this setting for
   remote sysop. If DOSINPUT ist set to 1, the use of SHROOM is impossible.

SHROOM is a program which swaps memory used by BCM to harddisk, while
oshell command is executed. So more memory is available for oshell command.

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