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:: CP -> TRANSFER ::
Syntax: TR(ANSFER) <call | board> <range> [>] <target>
                   [@<boxcall>] [#<lifetime>] [<title>]

Moves a mail into another board or to another user board. It is possible to
specify a new lifetime and/or a new address for S&F. If no range is specified,
the last read mail is used.

Using TRANSFER to a bulletin board the old mail will be deleted, to a
call, the old mail will not be deleted. The BBS will insert a line
"X-Transfer: <date> by ..." and "CP <call>:" to title. If you are the writer
of mail or sysop the "CP <call>:" addition to title is not done.
The ">" sign can be specified, but is not necessary (only for compability).
A mail can only be transfered by the owner (you have to be recipient or sender
of that mail) or by sysop, like ERASE command.
It is not possible to duplicate a bulletin to a board.
While transfering a mail from one board to another, the date of the mail
will be the same. In the target board the transfered mail will be placed at
the end of the board listing (also if the date of the latest mail before
is younger) until a REORG (REORG B) is done. If source and target board is the
same, the date of the mail will be changed to the current date. This can be
used to "sort" mails in the board listing.

Attention: If you want only change the forward address use the FORWARD command.
           If you want only change the liftime use the SETLIFE command.

Examples:   TR BAYCOM 5-6 SOFTWARE           Moves the mails 5-6 from the
                                             board BAYCOM to the board
            TR DL8MBT 1- > DG3RBU @ DB0RGB   Sends all mails from DL8MBT to
                                             DG3RBU and forward to DB0RGB
            TR DJ0AB 2-3 DG0ABC #4           Copies the mails 2-3 from
                                             userboard dj0ab to userboard
                                             dg0abc and sets the lifetime
                                             to 4 days
            TR ALL "Solar News" SOLAR        Sends all mails from ALL
                                             containing "Solar News" in the
                                             title to SOLAR

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