OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: CONVER(T) [ -a | <search string> ]

Shows content of file "convert.bcm". If you add option "-a", the whole file is
displayed. <search string> is handled as regular expression. This file is used
for automatic transfer of bulletins. Also maximum lifetime can be changed for
single mails. If you use <search string> only lines containing <search string>
are shown.

Syntax of file:

; = comment
A line without comment can only exceed max. 54 signs. With comment it can only
be 80 chars incl. CR/LF!.

Letters with special meaning: < @ ~ $ % &
 <call          sender
 @address       BBS call or region
 ~word          search whole words in title
 text           search "text" in title
You have to use %, $ and & without arguments.
 $              received from other BBS via S&F
 %              user input
 &              user input without password

Use only space and no tab's for separation in lines.

The order is important, because only the first match is token. So be aware of
sorting the lines in "convert.bcm".

Several conditions can be declared for AND. To reach OR condition, use a
new line. All conditions must always be matched. Capital or small letters
are irrelevant.

A word is surrounded from spaces, therefore ~NO means " NO ", or if it stands
at the title beginning: "NO ", and if it stands on the end of title " NO".

Lifetime must be defined with three characters. Lifetime 000 means that the
maximum lifetime from file "bulletin.bcm" is used (not Lifetime 0 days!).
Lifetime of 0 is not possible with "convert.bcm", lifetime of 1 is the minimum
value and should be enough, but only, if minimal lifetime from "bulletin.bcm"
is not exceeded. The maximum lifetime from "bulletin.bcm" can be exceeded by

If a lifetime is added to a convert line, also a mode/scan title must be
added! This means for example:

CQDX   DX          ; is ok (transfers all mails from board CQDX to DX)
CQDX   DX   005    ; is wrong (mode/scan title is missing)
CQDX   DX   005  $ ; is ok (transfers board CQDX to DX with lifetime of
                   ;        5 days if received via S&F)

You can use regular expression with <, @, and text, but not with ~.

The joker character "*" can be used, but an entry with an "*" each for
source and target board is not possible!


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