OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



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:: CMDS ::
List of all available commands:
 #OK# <...>      will be ignored
 AKTUELL         displays the news
 ALTER           changes the personal settings
 -AWAY           sets away function
 -AWAYENDTIME    sets endtime of away
 -CHECK    <opt> options for the CHECK command
 -COMMAND  <cmd> command executed at the login
 -DEFAULT        sets all settings to the default values
 -DELETE         erases all user settings completly
 -ECHO    0|1    input will be sent back by the BBS
 -FORWARD <addr> sets your MYBBS (the same as MYBBS)
 -HELPLEVEL  <n> sets the help-level
 -IDIR     <opt> options for info DIR
 -ILIST    <opt> options for info LIST
 -IREAD    <opt> options for info READ
 -LF         <n> number of blank lines displayed after an output
 -LINES      <n> set line stop ("more" function)
 -NAME    <name> sets your own name (the same as NAME)
 -MYBBS    <adr> sets MYBBS for own call
 -PROMPT  <text> sets the prompt
 -PW  <password> sets a user password
 -PWLINE     <n> enable dummy input before entering the user password
 -QTH            sets own QTH
 -READLOCK   <n> reduces the reading of user mails
 -REJECT  <name> boardnames not displayed at DIR NEWS/CHECK
 -SPEECH   <ldk> set speech
 -UDIR     <opt> options for user DIR
 -UFWD    <path> configures active user S&F
 -ULIST    <opt> options for user LIST
 -UREAD    <opt> options for user READ
 -ZIP            sets own ZIP-Code
 BIDLIST         displays BID database
 BIN-TX <...>    will be ignored
 BIN-RX <...>    will be ignored
 BYE             logoff without setting the last-quit-time
 CD       <name> changes the current board
 CHAT  <call> .. write message to another user (the same as TALK)
 CHECK      <..> list of all bulletin mails
 COMMENT         reply to a bulletin mail
 CONVERS  <call> write message to another user (the same as TALK)
 CP              the same as TRANSFER
 CRONTAB         shows crontab settings of BBS
 DIR             lists mails of a certain board (similar to LIST)
 -AFTER   <date> list all boards only after a certain date
 -BOARDS    <..> list all boardnames or a part of them
 -MESSAGES  <..> list ALL bulletin mails (that can be very much!)
 -NEWS      <..> list new mails since the last DIR NEWS
 -PATH      <..> list of all S&F partners (or for one call)
 -SENT    <call> list all mails send by a certain call
 -USERS          list of all users who have received at least one mail
 --ALL      <..> list of all known user (you may use a wildcard)
 --LOCAL    <..> list all user who logged on at least once
 --MSG      <..> directory of all user mails (you can specify a pattern)
 ERASE    <spec> erases one or more files
 ERLOG           shows erase logfile
 EXIT            the same as QUIT
 FILESERV        starts filesurf mode (the same as FS)
 FIND     <spec> shows the S&F path to another BBS (the same as PATH)
 FINGER          the same as USERS
 FORWARD  <spec> forwards one or more mails to another BBS
 FS              starts filesurf mode
 -BGET <file>    get file with autobin protocol
 -BPUT <file>    send file with autobin protocol
 -BMail <file>   imports file as autobin message into user board
 -CD <path>      changes filesurf directory
 -DIR <path>     shows filesurf directory
 -DGET <file>    get file with DIDADIT protocol
 -DPUT <file>    send file with DIDADIT protocol
 -GET <file>     get file with textmode protocol
 -PATH           shows all installed filesurf paths
 -PUT <file>     send file with textmode protocol
 -QUIT           filesurf mode will close, back to BBS mode
 -YGET <file>    get file with yapp protocol
 -YPUT <file>    send file with yapp protocol
 HEADER   <spec> shows the header of a mail
 HELP <cmd> <sub>shows help. H INDEX: summary. H ALL: the whole helpfile
 INFO            shows an information text
 KOPF     <spec> shows the header of a mail (the same as HEADER)
 LIST     <spec> lists mails of a certain board (similar to DIR)
 LOG        <..> displays the logfile
 LOGOUT          the same as QUIT
 LT <n>          set a new lifetime
 MAN             the same as HELP
 MAILSERV <cmd>  shows/configure all mailserv lists
  +L             add new mailinglist
  -L             delete existing mailinglist
  +U             add user to existing mailinglist
  -U             delete user from existing mailinglist
  +M             add maintainer to existing mailinglist
  -M             delete maintainer from existing mailinglist
  DESCRIPTION    describe mailinglist
  INFO           information about mailinglist(s)
  OPTION         set option of mailinglist
  RESET          put counter of mailinglist to 1
  SETNUMBER      change counter of mailinglist
  SUBSCRIBE      add yourself to existing mailinglist
  UNSUBSCRIBE    delete yourself from existing mailinglist
 MEM             list of the used memory blocks
 MSG   <call> .. write message to another user (the same as TALK)
 MYBBS    <addr> sets your MYBBS (the same as A F)
 NAME     <name> sets your own name (the same as A N)
 NEXT            displays the next mail
 NH       <addr> sets your MYBBS (the same as A F)
 PARAMETER  <..> shows the configuration of the BBS or a part of it
 PATH     <addr> shows the S&F path to an other BBS (the same as FIND)
 PS              lists all processes of the BBS
 PURGE   <board> physically removes erased mails in a board
 PW              user password procedure, only for pw&hold if enabled
 PWLOG           shows logfile from all password activities
 QUIT            leaves the BBS (last-quit-time will be saved)
 QUOTA           shows amount of kBytes already read or written
 READ     <spec> reads a mail in the BBS
 REJECT          shows "reject.bcm"
 REPLY           response the last read mail
 RLOG            shows logfile of all rejected mails
 SB              write a bulletin mail
 SEMAPHORES      lists DOS names of files currently in use
 SEND     <spec> send a mail to the BBS
 SFHOLD          shows all holded mails
 SLOG            shows system logfile
 SLRLOG          shows report logfile
 SETLIFE     <s> sets the lifetime of a mail to a new value
 STATUS          show statistical data
 -FORWARD        lists number of mails waiting to be forwarded
 -CPU            shows the CPU's work
 -LIMITS         shows current limits of BBS parameters
 -MEMORY         shows how the memory is used (the same as MEM)
 SP              write a usermail
 TALK  <call> .. write message to another user
 TIME            shows date and time
 TRANSFER <spec> copies a mail to another board
 UNERASE  <spec> unerases deleted mails
 UNKNOWN         shows all undeliverd mails
 USERS           lists all logged-in users
 VERSION         shows version, runtime and memory capacity of the BBS
 WALL     <text> write message to all other users
 WRITE <call> .. write message to an other user (the same as TALK)

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