OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



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:: C -> CHECK ::
Syntax: C(HECK) [<range>] [ [<] "<search-pattern>" ]

The CHECK command lists all mails in the bulletin boards in the order of
their arrival in the BBS. The mails are sorted in order of the date, begining
with the oldest mail. If you specify a range, only the specified mails will
be listed (e.g. "CHECK -5" lists the five newest mails).

If no range is specified, only the mails will be listed which arrived since
your last CHECK. If you write a "<" followed by a blank and a string, only
the mails which include this string will be listed. You can leave out the
"<", it only is accepted to be compatible to the Thebox. The search pattern
is used as regular expression. Up-/low-case letters are of no matter.
You may use the commands DIR NEWS or DIR MESSAGES instead of CHECK.

Examples:   C            Lists all mails, which arrived after your last CHECK.
            C -10        Lists the 10 newest bulletin mails.
            C 1- DL8MBT  Lists all mails, which were sent by DL8MBT.
            C FT470      Lists all mails, which include 'FT470' in the title.


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