OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


(only sysop, init.bcm)
Syntax: BOXH(EADER) [<text>]

Defines the text, that is written in the R: headerlines. The headerline is
only added to a mail if the mail is writen in this BBS. Only time and address
is inserted at the pure passageway. Only standard ASCII characters should be
used in the boxheader. Do not use IBM characters above 127 or country specifiy

Example:   BOXHEADER Muenchen-Nord Op:DL8MBT

If the header text of the BBS is defined as "BayCom-Mailbox" (default after
installation) no automatic mails are generated (for test or user S&F).

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