OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: BI(DLIST) [-option] <search string>

This command lists the internal BID database. <search string> can be any part
of a BID or filename. Only lines with <search string> match will be displayed.
Also the filenames are saved. So a search after a remote erase is not

Example:   BI DB0RGB   lists the BIDs of all mails that were entered
                       in DB0RGB

It's possible to use an option with BIDLIST, following options are available:
  BI(DLIST) -c       counts all known BIDs
  BI(DLIST) -k       shows BIDs with collisions
  BI(DLIST) -h       shows hash settings
  BI(DLIST) -s <BID> manual edit of BID
  BI(DLIST) -i       shows all received mail BIDs

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