OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


(only sysop, asysop.bcm)

Autosysop enables automatic sysop status on certain ports just after login.
The entry of password is not necessary. The settings can be edited in file
"asysop.bcm" and should be a good secret!

Format of "asysop.bcm":
    call uplink downlink
    DJJ812 none none          (directly connectable)
    DJJ812 DBO812-2 DBO812-2  (if the SSID of entry ports is -2)

If the up- or downlink should contain nothing, "none" must be declared.
Downlink is the call of node or digipeater, that is closest to the BBS. Uplink
is the call of node, that is the farthest from the BBS, as well that node over
that the users gets into the packet network.

The uplink can be easily falsified, downlink theoretically never, since it is
usually the own one.

- uplink using an IP login it's the IP address, that can also be used
- is uplink and downlink declared as "none", it is a direct connect without
  node or digipeater between it
- If a digi possesses the SSID 0 or no SSID, the call is valid without SSID

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