OpenBCM V1.07b12 (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox



 Login: GUEST


Syntax: A(LTER) UF(WD) <boxcall> <digicall> [<entry digicall>]
        A(LTER) UF(WD) OFF
        A(LTER) UF(WD)

The user S&F can be activated and a connect path to the user BBS can be setup.

<boxcall> is the call with SSID of the own BBS. As SSID -8 is proposed. This
call can be however also another call than the usercall, for example that of a
club station...
<digicall> <entry digicall> are calls of nodes between this BBS and the user
BBS, seen from this BBS to the user BBS.

Example: OE3FRU will like to do S&F with his WinGT mailbox system to the BCM
BBS OE3XSR-8. The WinGT mailbox system is configured as "OE3FRU-8". OE3FRU's
entry digi is OE3XNR-3, his MYBBS is OE3XSR-8, between is the digi OE3XSR.

   BCM BBS       boxdigi    entry digi     user BBS
   oe3xsr-8 <==> oe3xsr <==> oe3xnr-3 <==> oe3fru-8


There are following possibilities for the user S&F:
ALTER UFWD OE3DZW OE3XSR-3  This BBS tries to connect to user BBS when a new
                            mail for that call arives in this BBS, connect
                            path is the path set with ALTER UFWD
ALTER UFWD PASSIVE          no active connection from BBS to the user BBS, the
                            user BBS must connect to fetch all waiting mails
ALTER UFWD OFF              user S&F is disabled
ALTER UFWD                  shows the current settings

See also HELP UFWD

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