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Mails can be forwarded to other BBS. User mails will be erased after forward,
bulletins will be kept and therefore copies exist in other BBS. In user mails
always the address of the BBS is specified for which the mail is destinied.
This BBS has to be addressed clearly, i.e. the further away it is, the exacter
the address has to be specified. Generally speaking: mails into foreign
countries must contain the complete hierarchical address. If the recipient and
MYBBS is well known, the H-address is automatically added. The H-address of
each BBS world wide is defined by the sysop of that BBS. Do not change any
part of the H-address in addressing a user mail, otherwise your mail never
reaches target BBS.

The structure of such a hierarchical address is:
                  ^ Continent, EU stands for Europe
              ^ Country, DEU stands for Germany
         ^ Region of the country
   ^ Call of the BBS

Examples for continents:
AF   Africa     AS Asia         AU Australia       EU Europe
MDLE MiddleEast (e.g. Israel)   NA North America   SA South America

Examples for countries:
AUT Austria    CHE Switzerland      BEL Belgium   DEU Germany
DNK Denmark    FIN Finland          FRA France    HUN Hungary
ITA Italy      NLD Netherlands      SWE Sweden    SLO Slovenia
SVK Slovakia   TCH Czech Republik

In bulletins always a distribution address is specified. A distribution
address includes a group of BBS.

Examples of distribution addresses for bulletins:
BAY  Bavaria        DL  German speaking area  OE  Austria
USA  United States  EU  Europe                WW  World Wide

The distribution addresses ALL and ALLE should not be used any more and will
not be forwarded any longer.

Do not confuse the addressing of user mails with the one of bulletins! There
must be agreements about all addresses between sysops of BBS, regional for
regional addresses and world wide for word wide addresses. With DIR PATH you
get all valid addresses known by this BBS.

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