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Here is a short overview of most used BBS commands:
command------------------description-----------------------example (shortened)
ALTER <parameter>        show/set personal options         A N Flori
DIR <board>              directory of a board              D DL8MBT 1-5
CHECK <range>            lists new mails                   C 1-20
ERASE <mails>            delete mails                      E DL8MBT 5
LIST <board>             similar to DIR                    L DL8MBT 5-10
LOG                      show log                          LOG 28.10.94
QUIT                     leave the BBS                     Q
READ <mails>             read mails                        R DL8MBT 2-4
REPLY                    send answer to the last read mail REP
SEND <call> @<address>   send a mail                       S DL8MBT@DB0AAB
TALK <call> <text>       send text to a logged-in user     T DL8MDW Hi Chris
TRANSFER <mails> <board> copy a mail                       TR DL8MBT 5 DG3RBU
USERS                    lists current users               U

More detailed information is available with "HELP <command>":
HELP <command>   shows more detailed infos for <command>, e.g. HELP ALTER
HELP INDEX       shows all available commands for HELP
HELP CMDS        shows an overview over all commands
HELP ALL         shows complete HELP file (ca. 250 kByte)
CM(DLIST)        shows all available user commands
SC(MDLIST)       shows all available sysop commands

Commands can be shortened, so far as they are unique. Upper/lower case writing
of commands do not care. Instead of HELP you can use MAN or "?". BCM is an
abbreviation for BayCom-Mailbox.

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