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Subj: If your name is Richard and you're a SYSOP....
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Good Morning all!
Lately I've noticed quite a few bulletins from sysop's who obviously 
woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and felt the need to send a 
bulletin as far as possible to let everybody know about it. Incorrect WP 
entries and misconfigured systems are an issue, one that proliferates 
out and causes hiccups throughout the network. But that shouldn't be a 
reason to publicly shame sysops or sending them nasty messages IN ALL 
CAPS stating that your blocking them from their system until you change 
your system to the "correct" configuration with zero explanation of what 
that is, is no way to welcome new sysops and encourage them to learn and 
improve their systems. It is however a great way to get them to abandon 
this community and move on to things like VARA AC......

There are no less than three different websites with configuration 
information pertaining to BPQ alone. And you better be stone cold sober 
and have taken your Adderall to comprehend and understand a lot of it. 
It's a complex but extremely useful program. I think instead of being 
grumpy old men we should be offering encouragement and and helping new 
sysops set up their systems correctly.

Below is a template of the message I send to misconfigured WP entries 
that I find; notice the tone?
Good Morning, Didn't know if you were aware, but your call in the WP 
shows BADCALL but should show GOODCALL.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great day!
Devin KJ7OES

Have a great Holiday everyone, please don't drink and drive.
Devin KJ7OES

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