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Subj: Re:Attention Sysops
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So, is that really a law? No USA bulletins can leave the US?

What about my son living in London who wants to keep up with events and news in the US?
Can I not send a USA bulletin to a GBR station for him to see?

It doesn't have to be a leak. It could be for a good reason.


Original Message

> R:230518/1551Z 13112@NC8Q.#DAY.OH.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.23
> R:230518/1550Z 30599@N3MEL.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.23
> Hello All,
> Yesterday there were a few messages that came in 
> in reference to HA Routes and @USA messages that
> are ending up leaking out to WW. 
> Sysops please check your setting, US messages should
> stay in the US. In preparation for the start of this
> months PKTNET@USA bulletin net starting this weekend 
> please check that forwarded @USA messages remain in 
> the states.
> Thank you in advance!  
> 73 de Glenn N3MEL
> FRNPA 1st Responders Network of Pa
> "Keep The Packets Moving"
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