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VE2PKT > BPQ      15.05.22 04:36z 46 Lines 919 Bytes #12 (0) @ WW
BID : 619_VE2PKT
Subj: BPQ Packet List Server
Sent: 220515/0424Z @:VE2PKT.#TRV.QC.CAN.NOAM #:619 $:619_VE2PKT
To  : BPQ@WW


Good day all.

    I have created a mail list server for BPQ just like to one found on internet but restricted to packet.

This is and other tools for your questions, even if posted on internet you can also post it here.
That way we increase the personal traffic on the packet network. 

The mail List server set for: BPQ

to join this list just sent a message to:

sp bpq @ ve2pkt.#trv.qc.can.noam

As subject:

/ADD    Add your Callsign to the Mailing List.
use /ADD <Callsign> [@ BBS_Hroute]
ex: /ADD ve2pkt@ve2pkt.#trv.qc.can.noam

For Help
use /help  (Insted of /ADD)

Message core: What ever you like it's disgarded.


If you like to have a different topic just send me a message at ve2pkt@ve2pkt.#trv.qc.can.noam with the name
and small description, I will create it for you and you will be de administrator.

73 de Jean,

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