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VK National News 21May23

Text edition:

Weekly news from the WIA:
MP3 edition of news available at: 
Text edition:







 Last week we told you of the order we received to change our WIAQ
 domain name. Quick work by WIA Secretary and work done the morning
 prior to our AGM has resulted in a letter which, in short, says
 " Hi Peter, we have heard back from auDA and we are happy to report
 they have closed this case.
 As such, we can mark this as resolved and no further action is
 required. "

 So our backup site for WIA National News and also the site for the
 VK4 region QNEWS service will remain on 




 Thanks graham and good morning listeners.

 Well I would like to thank the well over 100 who participated in
 our Annual General Meeting last weekend.

 The meeting was a hybrid event and included both members on site at
 the University of Canberra and online. We also had a large number of
 viewers watching the internet streaming on the WIA Youtube channel.

 The draft minutes of the meeting and the video will be available on
 the WIA website withing the next month or so.

 The President thanked outgoing director Greg VK2GPK for his
 contribution during his 6 years as a member of the Board of the WIA.

 The quality of the broadband connection at the university meant a
 flawless streaming of the event to all those attending online.

 Members who were attending in person in Canberra had the opportunity
 to network with others attending as well as meeting our newest member
 of the WIA Board Giles Kirby VK5GK as well as President Scott
 Williams VK3KJ, Steven Green VK2TSG, myself Peter Clee VK8ZZ and
 outgoing director Greg Kelly VK2GPK. I very much enjoyed catching up
 with some I had not seen in a while as well as meeting new amateurs
 on the day.

 We will upload a number of the photographs of the event as well as
 publish them in a future edition of Amateur Radio Magazine for all
 to view.

 I would personally like to thank those who attended the AGM, both in
 person and online, and thank you for making this AGM a most memorable
 event. I advise that we are currently looking for a club that would
 be keen to host the 2024 AGM and possibly hold it in conjunction with
 a field day or convention.

 A big congratulations to all the recipients of the WIA Merit Awards.

 I would encourage listeners to nominate for the 2024 WIA Merit
 Aawards, as nominations are now open

 This has been WIA Director and Company Secretary Peter VK8ZZ

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, Editor-in-Chief of
Amateur Radio magazine.

Last Monday, the files for Issue Number 3 of AR magazine were uploaded to the printer's server in Bairnsdale, Victoria. 

From late next week, look out for it landing in your letterbox, your Post Office Box, or your local newsagency.

The theme for the issue is Test & Measurement, featuring an article on the subject of Your first test bench by popular author, Andy Keir VK2AAK. 

One for those who are new to ham radio.

As part of this theme, we explore a subject close to pretty much every hams heart  repairing things. 

This brings up the issue of The Right to Repair. 

If you buy a product  any product, from a car to a toaster, from a PC to a transceiver.

Why cant you fix it?

One of our articles on this subject, discusses the concept of a "right-to-repair" in Australia, which would enable consumers to repair their own products, either themselves or through a third-party repairer, and require manufacturers to provide access to repair manuals, diagnostic tools, and software locks. 

The article explores the issues from a manufacturer's perspective, including concerns about intellectual property, product safety, warranty rights, the cost of new products, and the feasibility of repairing certain products. The article notes the benefits of sustainability in extending the lifespan of products and reducing waste, but questions whether enforcing a right-to-repair would make a real difference or simply increase the cost of new products for no real benefit.

Those last two paragraphs were written by the latest tech-craze  ChatGPT, with minor edits! 

I have to ask myself: how long before Im muscled out of my job by a chatbot? That was my real voice, by the way. No. Its true. Dudes! It IS me.

Enough . . .

To reflect topical matters in both the radio amateur community and also society in general right now, I asked Phil Wait VK2ASD to look into Artificial Intelligence  A . . I  In amateur radio. 

There would be some among the clickerati on social media who reckon the term applies to many contacts you hear on the air. Yeah . . . Right.

Phils efforts returned some interesting results, posing more questions than the answers he got after asking questions of ChatGPT. 

Some say AI suggests machines learning to mimic human intelligence processes by applying algorithms to large accumulations of data, ostensibly making computers think and act like humans. 

In amateur radio in the near future, how will you know that the on-air voice contact youre having is with a human and not an AI program? 

The same goes for digital and video contacts.

Seriously, when more than a 1000 US captains of commerce, science and industry write to the President asking the congress to regulate the development and use of Artificial Intelligence, you know theres a serious issue with it.

No sooner had we committed to content on the subject, than Google launched its rival chatbot, Bard!

OK.   For those that crave the smell of solder smoke in the mornings, we have a 13.6 V/30 A power supply for all occasions, from Lou Destefano VK3AQZ. Aand, talking about the right to repair  we also have the last article from Phil Fitzherbert VK3FFs journey in restoring his classic Collins S-line rigs. 

We live in interesting times. This year, some significant amateur radio clubs reach the ton! Thats right  100 years. 

So. This issue you can get the skinny on who did what with which and to whom in VK7 aaand VK2. 

When the technology was new, wireless experimenters were cool. Shortwave wireless was the Tik Tok of the day!

Not only that, 100 years ago Australian wireless experimenters caused a sensation when their signals crossed the Pacific Ocean!

There were those that said it couldnt be done. 

While American and European experimenters had successfully spanned the 3000 kilometre-wide Atlantic in 1921, the Pacific Ocean  triple the distance between Australia and Americas west cost  was judged a bridge too far.

WIA Historian Peter Wolfenden VK3RV gives us the skinny on who did what with which and with whom. Part 1 begins this issue.

Thatll be it for this week. More to come, later.

Amateur Radio magazine, Volume 91, Issue Number 3 for 2023. Serving Australian radio amateur dudes for 90 years come Hay, Hell or Booligal. Available in print and online. Always published to a schedule, never random or half-heartedly slapped together.

Thats it from me for now; Im Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


 ARRL,  NZART, eHam, AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE, eHam, and the World Wide sources of the WIA. 

 International Women in Engineering Day, June 23, is brought to you
 by the  Womens Engineering Society who will celebrate its 10th year
 in 2023 and once again be promoting the amazing work that women
 engineers across the globe are doing.

 This years theme is #MakeSafetySeen.

 INWED gives women engineers around the world a profile when they are
 still hugely under-represented, with 2021 figures indicating that in
 the UK only 16.5% of engineers are women.

 Now with that in mind, the RSGB is asking for help in celebrating
 International Women in Engineering Day June 23. They have put the
 call out for stories to share of women in engineering roles to
 inspire future generations.

 DX Adventure Team activated 4 U 100 QO on QO-100 from the
 United Nations  Vienna International Centre.

 May 18-19-20 they made the very first QO-100 connections from the
 United Nations  Vienna International Centre and as a token of
 appreciation, DX-Adventure is donating the equipment used to make the
 connections through QO-100 to the UN for future use.

 Those dates on HF you may have also heard them using 4U1A


 Radio amateurs in Puerto Rico have a day to honour their hobby, held
 this year on Tuesday, May 9. As set out by a law in 1996, every 2nd
 Tuesday of the month of May is known as "Puerto Rico Amateur Radio
 Da" this is part of a larger celebration of National Radio Month
 each May on the island.

 Amateurs received a special proclamation for the day, signed by both
 Governor and Secretary of State. It recognized the help amateurs have
 offered in times of emergency, it also highlighted the ARRL
 Puerto Rico Section and the fact that licensees have reached 5,000
 as of June last year, 2022.


 Researchers in the United States have created thinner, denser
 computer chips with big possibilities. We learn more from Kent
 Peterson KCDGY over at Amateur Radio NewsLine

 KENT: Denser and more powerful computer chips may soon be possible
 thanks to findings in a laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology. Researchers there have developed a means of working with
 2D materials so slender that they are no more than three atoms thick.
 By layering them atop a fully fabricated silicon chip, they are able
 to create a denser integration.

 According to the MIT news website, this low-temperature growth and
 fabrication technology does not result in damage to the chip. Damage
 was a major concern during previous attempts to achieve this  
 integration atop a silicon CMOS wafer because the process customarily
 requires temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above
 400 degrees Celsius could cause the transistors and circuits to
 break down.

 The news website also reported that this technology reduces the
 growth and integration process on an 8-inch wafer from more than a
 day to less than an hour. A shortened growth time is seen by
 researchers as particularly attractive for industrial fabrications
 because of its efficiency.

 Researchers also said they want to explore use of this process for
 such flexible surfaces as textiles, polymers or papers, raising the
 prospect of integrating semiconductors into clothing, paper notebooks
 and other everyday items.



 OK, grab a cup of hot coffee for this week's weird and wonderful
 story. Sit back and let's listen to Randy Sly W4XJ.

 RANDY: For many of us theres nothing better than working DX or
 calling CQ in a contest while sipping on a fresh hot cup of coffee.
 But what if that coffee was known as Ham Shack House Blend,
 Key Up Cowboy, or Morse Code Mocha?

 Steve Eilers, W3BIZ, believes we can have our ham radio and drink it
 too! Early in 2023, Steve began the Homebrew Coffee Company,
 combining his love for coffee with his love for ham radio.
 This coffee is not someone else's brand that he re-labelled but his
 own original coffee blends that are roasted and shipped the same
 day -- no matter the propagation. He is an entrepreneur who takes his
 business seriously:

 "We source our beans from Bali, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia,
 you name it Ethically sourced beans, fair trade thats a huge thing
 for me, is to make sure were doing it right. These people are
 getting compensated for their farms and everythings fair."

 His blends are made to resonate with a variety of tastes, from a
 donut shop style to a dark Italian roast or something with a french
 vanilla or mocha flavour. All these and more await you at

 When hes not making coffee, you can find Steve hunting POTA,
 chasing DX, rag chewing or operating SKYWARN and ARES in Kent County,
 Michigan -- and of course, drinking coffee.





 MAY 20-21    Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest is this weekend
              as is the NZART run 80 Meter Sangster Shield.


 JUNE 24-25   WINTER VHF-UHF Field Day. 

              0100 UTC Saturday 24 to 0059 UTC Sunday 25
              BUT in VK6 add  3 hours onto start and end times. (


 JUNE Weekend prior to 2nd Monday of June VK SHIRES 


 Also make a mental note that the 2023 QRP Day happens June 17 

 (sourced to iaru r3)


 IARU HF World Championship Contest takes place the second full
 weekend of July beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC
 Sunday July 8-9 July.

 All licensed amateurs worldwide are eligible to participate in this
 contest as the objective is to contact as many other amateurs as
 possible, especially IARU member society HQ stations around the
 world using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

 (sourced to iaru r3)


 JULY 15 -  Trans Tasman Low Band Contest
            Held on the 3rd weekend in July, aims to encourage
            Low Band activity between VK and ZL
            160 80 and 40M are allowed with SSB, CW and
                                  Digital (RTTY OR PSK)

            Contest Manager Alan Shannon VK4SN


 AUGUST 12 - 13  Remembrance Day Contest 

                 This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died
                 during World War II and is designed to encourage
                 friendly participation and help improve the
                 operating skills of participants. It is held on the
                 weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on
                 which hostilities ceased  with Japan in the
                 southwest Pacific area.

                 A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the
                 Australian state or territory with the best
                 The name of the winning State or Territory is
                 inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory
                 then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning
                 State or Territory is also given a certificate, as
                 are leading entrants.


 August 26 - 27  A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST

 Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August.

 All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to
 participate. Scout and Girl Guide groups are encouraged to
 participate using their Club's equipment and callsign.

 YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.

 Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
 Saturday 0600 hours UTC till Sunday 0559 hours UTC
 All HF Bands except 160m & WARC Bands.
 ECHOLINK will also be accepted.
 (alara web site)


Richard VK2SKY joins us as we open the DX Window with a little
"Vampire" story for you.

 A team of Amateurs, led by Colin VK2JCC, has set up shop in the
 radio room aboard HMAS Vampire. HMAS stands for His Majestys
 Australian Ship, and the Vampire is located at the Australian
 National Maritime Museum here in Sydney. The radio room is part of
 the museum, and thus open for visitors to learn about the importance
 of radio communications, both in wartime and in peace. 

 The Vampire team has been active for a few weeks now, using the
 callsign Victor Kilo Two Victor Mike Papa (VMP - Vampire, get it?).
 If youve never worked a warship before, now is a great time to

 So far, eight Amateurs are on the roster to keep Vampire on the air,
 using CW and Sideband on 20 and 40 metres, and the station is now a
 permanent fixture on the ship.
 But wait, theres more! Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th June,
 the Vampire will be active for 24 hours for a special event, Museum
 Ships on the Air. Youll find the station on or near 14.250 MHz.
 Vampire will join many other ships around the world for this fun

 So, listen out for Victor Kilo Two Victor Mike Papa on board HMAS
 Vampire in Sydney, Australia. And check out the VK2VMP page on 

 HMAS Vampire at the Australian National Maritime Museum:

 Manly-Warringah Radio Society members and others on the Vampire:

 HMAS Vampire on Wikipedia:

 Wikipedia's list of Museum Ships:


 VI 2023 HRH 1st  to the 31st of May celebrates the coronation of
 King Charles III


 Listen for Giorgio, IU 5 HWS, using the callsign 5 UA 99 WS from
 Niger until the 15th of June on 40 through 10 metres using FT8 and

 QSL via LoTW, or via EA5GL.




 Didier, is QRV as FO / F 6 BCW from Huahine Island, IOTA OC-067,
 until October 25 on 80 to 6 meters using CW and SSB.

 QSL via F 6 EXV.



 AU 40 NRO is active until the 30th of June to celebrate the 40th
 anniversary of the National Institute of Amateur Radio in India.

 QSL via VU 2 NRO.



 In the US, a group known as the New Jersey Knights of Columbus have
 taken some advice from the Gospel of Matthew, namely that their light
 (and good deeds) should not be hidden under a bushel.

 Active since early this month and running until today UTC time the
 Knights have been operating several amateur radio stations state-wide
 under a special amateur radio call sign, K 0 C (K-zero-C) with the
 dual intent of sharing their philanthropic deeds and encouraging
 Catholic men to join the fraternal organization.

 The "Special Event Stations," have been attempting to operate out of
 all five dioceses in the state until the last day of the 127th
 New Jersey State Convention. "My hobby is ham radio, and I love
 the Knights," said Knights District Deputy Thomas M. Perrotti, who
 designed and spearheaded the project. "This is a nice way to bring
 these two passions together."


 AMSAT-VK Secretary - secretary(at)
 When the crewed Artemis II mission makes its lunar flyby in late 
 2024, well be able to see video of the moon like never before  and
 its all thanks to lasers.

 Along for the historic journey to the moon will be the Orion Artemis
 II Optical Communications System, or O2O  making Artemis II the
 first crewed lunar flight to demonstrate laser communications
 technology. The O2O system will be capable of returning high
 resolution images and video of the lunar surface back to Earth with a
 downlink rate of up to 260 megabits per second. The laser system will
 also be able to send and receive procedures, flight plans, voice
 messages and other communications between the Orion spacecraft and
 mission control on Earth.

 Read the complete story on


With the launch last month of the European Space Agency's JUICE mission - short for Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer - hopes were high for its antenna, which had been folded up inside the spacecraft ready for its eventual full deployment. The 16-metre-long antenna, known as RIME - for Radar for Icy Moons Exploration - was to completely unfold in its first week after the launch date and it did - that is, all but one final part.

According to various media accounts, a variety of remedies were tried without success until the flight control team finally freed the remaining part by delivering a shock that moved a tiny stuck pin that had left the antenna section jammed in its folded position. The shock came via a device known as a nonexplosive actuator that was located inside the bracket. What happened was disruptive enough to shake things up.

May 12th brought freedom as the stuck part became unstuck.

Now the antenna should be ready for an even bigger challenge - the moons around the giant planet Jupiter. The mission will use the antenna to study those icy moons as far down as 9 km, analysing both the surface and subsurface. What unfolds there may possibly deliver some shocks of its own.


 (Youngsters On The Air)

 Alec VK2APC joins us from Sydney.

 "Before I go into the news, I would like to thank the WIA Board
  for the Foundation Merit Award and all who support me.

  This weekend I have two different reports for you. 
  has been CANCELLED

  The Organizers at the Dayton Amateur Radio Association said there
  was insufficient time for the kind of planning needed to allow
  everyone to obtain their necessary passports.  No other details
  were immediately available and there was no indication when the
  next trip would be scheduled. This once annual trip, which has
  brought young amateurs to the Dutch Caribbean, Costa Rica and
  Curacao, is named in memory of Dave, KB8OCP, who became a Silent Key
  in 2013.

  Now for a better report

  Emile, VK5WWW, first obtained his foundation licence in 2022 when he
  was 9 years old. 

  He has been having a go with learning CW, and on 8 May Emile had his
  first CW contact with Gerard, VK2IO.
  To top this off, the contact was just before Emiles 11the birthday!
  Happy birthday and Way to Go Emile, and a thank you to Gerard for
  supporting a fellow youth Ham operator. I hope you keep practicing
  Emile so you can get faster than you dad, and make many more

  For VK1WIA National News, I am Alec VK2APC."

 Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies  
 3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz        

 Region 1 3760  7110  14300  18160  21360 kHz

 Region 2 3750  3985  7060  7240  7275  14300  18160  21360kHz

Primarily for its role in Rescue Radio, The Virginia General Assembly
recently issued a resolution commending the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club, W 4 UG.

The commendation honoured the VBARC for their many community contributions, stating, "the VBARC, an American Radio Relay League Special Service Club, has greatly served the Virginia Beach community for many years by volunteering its time and equipment for emergency and public services, and by providing exceptional aid to both local amateur radio enthusiasts and the community at large through training classes, technical projects, and other activities."


An early marriage and separation from her family kept Rubina Begum apart from her family in Bengal for more than a decade. With the help of police and the West Bengal Radio Club, the relatives have found one another again.

The woman's brother, Hassan Ali Sheikh, told the Times of India that in the ensuing years they believed she was lost to them forever. But he spoke with her, at long last, on Wednesday, May 3rd, after the women's commission contacted state police who reached out to the hams in West Bengal. The club has a long track record of facilitating such reunions. Club secretary Ambarish Nag Biswas, VU2JFA, reached out to a colleague proficient in Hindi and Kashmiri and details of her story finally emerged. Her brother is expected to travel and bring her home to Bengal soon to be with the family she has missed so much.



2023 Social Scene

 Clubs are welcome to submit text with audio for this section

 Details of all WIA affiliated clubs and societies can be found
 on the WIA website, including email addresses and website links.

 Celebration of the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania
 all of June with a special WIA News Service from VK7 June 18, and
 there are also a huge number of activities happening throughout the
 month of June and beyond. These include:

 Operation of a special centenary callsign - VK7WIA by amateurs around
 VK7. There is a special centenary QSL cards and a Centenary Award

 There are amateur radio Open Days being held around the State of
 Tasmania with amateur radio historic and working displays that will
 be open to the public: 
 In the SOUTH it happens on Saturday June 10th.

 In the NORTH it happens on Saturday June 17th.

 And in the NORTH WEST on Saturday June 24th

 In the next couple of Amateur Radio Magazines will have features on
 VK7 History starting in the May/June edition and the WIA National
 News Broadcast will be coming from VK7 on the 18th June 2023.

 There are many more activities happening and these are available
 on the website link.

 VK2 - OXLEY REGION 47th Annual Field Day at Wauchope 
       10th and 11th of June                                (vk2zhe)

 VK4 - SUNFEST  SEPTEMBER 9                                  (vk4an)
       At Mountain Creek State Schools massive air conditioned
       auditorium, just off the Sunshine Motor Way. Mountain Creek
       is tucked in to the west of Mooloolaba

 VK  - ALARAMeet2023 4/5 November in HOBART    (

 VK3 - Rosebud RadioFest at Eastbourne Primary School Sunday,
       November 12                                          (vk3pdg)

 VK5 - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Radio & Electronics Sale
       November 26                                           (vk5qi)

 Reception Reports

 WIA News rebroadcasters often give Short Wave Listeners a
 welcome to the broadcast as they commence call-backs
 straight after the Local News. Local news follows National
 news in all states. It would be great if those SWL's would
 email their reception reports and location to

 Submitting news items

 If you would like to submit news items for possible inclusion
 in the VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to
 nationalnews(at)   and don't JUST send url's links or
 posters, but take the time to pen YOUR contribution. 

 To submit audio, email nationalnews(at)
 and send BOTH the audio and the text
 We would appreciate items certainly no longer than 1.5 mts in
 length as we only have a half hour.

 Remember the sooner you submit material the more the
 likelihood of it being broadcast in the very next edition of
 WIA National News.

 Each recorded item will only be broadcast once, if you want a couple
 of mentions, please submit different slants to keep your
 event 'fresh' and always if the news room is to read your
 item --- write it in the 3rd person. (First if YOU are
 reading your own item).  If you are mentioning your own name / call
 in the story, say something like "and myself, Pat, vk11abc"
 Promote your local rebroadcast; details on
 A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't
 plug DEALS from commercial traders "on air", but we at the
 WIA will put your supporters 'goods' in this text edition
 "no worries."

 We will not give blatant 'plugs' to raffles, be it raffles
 at the event or "on-line".


 Oh... and to contact us with your news because
 If It Matters To You It Matters To Us!

 Click the links below to download the most recent edition of
 National News, BUT this is ONLY the backup site!

 WIANEWS backup thanks to Brendan VK4BLP can be found on

 BACKUPS OF THE BACKUP!!  thanks to Tony VK7AX (This is the link
 to the original text version and original audio on wia site)


 WIANews - we've reported...YOU decide.


 Societies and Club News Letter Editors can EXCHANGE a feed
 prior to the actual broadcast date, e-mail

 Call-backs follow the RF editions, but also for text readers
 you may lodge a quick reply to let us know you read it, who
 knows, you might even get a "cheerio call".

 Thanks to our dedicated band of broadcast volunteers who
 utilize their time and equipment in bringing you this weekly
 Who and where are they?
 Promote your local rebroadcast; details on
 The purpose of "WIANews" is to rapidly provide news of
 interest to WIA affiliated clubs and active amateurs residing
 in Australia and the globe. 

 We strongly encourage membership in the Wireless Institute of
 Australia and participation in the activities of local clubs.
 Opinions expressed in "WIANews" are those of the writers who
 submit material and do not necessarily reflect those of the
 rebroadcasters, nor the National WIA, but IF broadcast, are
 done so in the spirit in which they were submitted." 

 If you would like to see the call-backs reported each
 broadcast, OR have call-backs to contribute to the National
 News call back tally then please send through your call-backs
 to callbacks(at)

 How do I join this National News List? 
 (subscribe for an automatic weekly feed.)
 Email to vk1wia-news-join(at)
 from the email account that you wish the emails to go to.

 How do I leave this National News List? (unsubscribe your
 weekly feed)
 Open mail program which sends mail from the address you want
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 unsubscribe address vk1wia-news-leave(at)
 You will be sent a confirmation mail and must follow the
 instructions given in that mail to complete the 
 Once your unsubscription has been processed, you will
 probably receive a message confirming your unsubscription
 from the list and at that point you should stop receiving


            (Posted to the packet network courtesy Tony VK7AX)

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