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BID : 58563_NS2B
Subj: PCL Packet Net Summary for November 27, 2023
Sent: 231128/0128Z 58563@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.24

PCL Packet Net Summary for November 27, 2023


NS2B	Bob	Penfield, NY	(sysop)
WX4QZ	Daryl	Little Rock, AR	(nco/courtesy checkin)
KF5JRV	Scott	Huntsville, AR
KD5TCY	Jackie	Huntsville, AR	(relay checkin)
KX4AC	Carl	Melbourne, FL
VA7RBP	Rick	Castlegar, BC


KF5JRV Scott :  
KF5JRV Scott : GE Everone 
KF5JRV Scott : We had a good thanks giving. Went to the cabin in the wilds of Arknsas and managed to  
KF5JRV Scott : survive without internet for 24 hours 
KF5JRV Scott : Had a meal cooked on a wood stove. A pleasant time was had by all. 
KF5JRV Scott :  
KF5JRV Scott : Had a cold front move through yesterday. It feel like winter. 
KF5JRV Scott : Thats all for now BTU>>> 

KX4AC  Carl :  
KX4AC  Carl : GE All, it's been a while! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 
KX4AC  Carl :  
KX4AC  Carl : I had a decent Thanksgiving.  It was just me this year, but I got a turkey 
KX4AC  Carl : breast to roast, and made stuffing, glazed carrots, green beans, rolls, and a 
KX4AC  Carl : baked potato. Then it was cold turkey on Friday and turkey chow-mein for 
KX4AC  Carl : dinner Saturday and Sunday. 
KX4AC  Carl :  
KX4AC  Carl : I spent some time writing "expect" scripts to automate the downloading of 
KX4AC  Carl : packet messages and bulletins that I like to follow. I also spent some time 
KX4AC  Carl : trying out some digital modes on HF.  I wanted to try and contact a BBS in 
KX4AC  Carl : Pennsylvania, but was not successful at that ... but I am not really sure 
KX4AC  Carl : if I could not make contact or if there is still something wrong with my 
KX4AC  Carl : software configuration.  I also tried a little FT8, which went OK.  I heard 
KX4AC  Carl : a few digital transmissions, but could not figure out how to decode them. There 
KX4AC  Carl : are so many different modes and I can't tell which ones are being used.  I 
KX4AC  Carl : need to check for digital nets that I can listen for where I know the mode 
KX4AC  Carl : to use. 
KX4AC  Carl :  
KX4AC  Carl : I guess that's about all for now.  Back to net >>> 

VA7RBP Rick : Good evening Bob and all on the NET. 
VA7RBP Rick : It's been a pretty good couple of weeks. 
VA7RBP Rick : No snow yet, but out temperatures are hovering around 32F, overcast skies. 
VA7RBP Rick : Several projects done. I completed my PTT Sharing Device, condensed 5 boxes into one 
VA7RBP Rick : compact unit, clearing some space on the radio bench. 
VA7RBP Rick : I got up on the roof and installed quarter wave counterpoise wires cut for 80M and 40M for my end fed antenna. 
VA7RBP Rick : Now getting reports of good signals nad no RF on the audio, which is very satisying. 
VA7RBP Rick : I received my AMPRNET address allocation, now I have to figure out what to do with them, and 
VA7RBP Rick : how to make them work... 
VA7RBP Rick : Our radio club Christmas Social Dinner is slated for this Wednesday...there goes the diet again. 
VA7RBP Rick : Same for all the events through December. But everything tastes sooo goood... 
VA7RBP Rick : Ok, that's about it for me. BTU Bob >>> 

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