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Subj: Re: Question ?
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Hi Ian.

BBS address not ends by .EURO always, just few countries in EU continent
followed that old and useless proposition to change EU->EURO, AS->ASIA etc.
You can see in quoted R-lines for example, still .EU in use and its well.

It was only need for some old BBS s/w near 1994year that has problem to define
packet addressing from e-mail ones.
In short - nobody can protect us from start using .euro or .asia etc
on internet domain, so no real sense in that change!
And BBS software should use some other procedure to define packet and smtp
mails if it support both same time.

.EU and other two-chars are international standard for continent codes
and no real arguments for proposed obsolete change to 4-char systems.

73, Sergej.

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> R:231124/1455Z 19160@IW2OHX.ILOM.ITA.EU BPQ6.0.23
> R:231124/1430Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:60947 [Caterham Surrey GBR]
> R:231123/1002Z @:GB7JED.#71.GBR.EURO #:26724 [ScotBorders] $:26724_GB7JED
> To  : NEWS@EU
> Why do we sent bulls to [ EU ] when bbs address ends with [ EURO ] ?
> Is [ EU ] swapped to [ EURO ] or is [ EURO ] swapped to [ EU ]  at some place ?
> Regards,
> Ian..

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