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BID : 57990_NS2B
Subj: PCL Packet Net Summary for November 13, 2023
Sent: 231114/0121Z 57990@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.24

PCL Packet Net Summary for November 13, 2023


NS2B	Bob	Penfield, NY	(sysop)
WX4QZ	Daryl	Little Rock, AR	(nco/early checkin)
KX4AC	Carl	Melbourne, FL
KF5TVG	Bob	Broken Arrow, OK


KX4AC  Carl : GE All, 
KX4AC  Carl : I have tried to have a quiet week and mostly succeeded.  I did get back 
KX4AC  Carl : into the office at the end of last week after my cold, and my cough is 
KX4AC  Carl : finally going away.  I think I will be back to 100% before Thanksgiving. 
KX4AC  Carl : I can't really complain too much, I really have not had a bad cold for 
KX4AC  Carl : several years. 
KX4AC  Carl : I still have film from my Disney trip to develop, hopefully I can get that 
KX4AC  Carl : done between this weekend and the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have been less 
KX4AC  Carl : active with ham stuff recently, I got all my daily packet bulletins 
KX4AC  Carl : automated, but I need to get my 80m hamstick tuned up and see if I can do 
KX4AC  Carl : anything on that band.  I continue to play HAMWORD each week.  So far I have 
KX4AC  Carl : been able to get them all, but it sometimes takes me all five tries. 
KX4AC  Carl : My best wishes to Daryl.  I have been through two hip replacements myself. 
KX4AC  Carl : It is a difficult recovery, but after the recovery period he should have 
KX4AC  Carl : much better mobility. 
KX4AC  Carl : I guess that's about it for me this week.  Back to net >>> 

KF5TVG Bob : GE guys! 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : Prayers go out to Daryl for a speedy recovery! 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : After ft8 was mentioned last week as an option on 60 meters I decided to give it 
KF5TVG Bob : a try. After 3 or 4 late nights , I have 49 state contacts, and looking for 
KF5TVG Bob : someone in SD to join the crowd on 60m. Of those, I'm missing a confirmation 
KF5TVG Bob : on only 6 of the 50 states. Not bad for such a short time at it. 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : We are going to our son's house for Thanksgiving, and his girlfriend is 
KF5TVG Bob : promising us a "cajun" style Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what that means, so 
KF5TVG Bob : will report back later. He has started a new job, and seems very happy 
KF5TVG Bob : with it, so that gives comfort to me and my XYL 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : That's all for now. BTU Bob>>> 

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