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BID : 57674_NS2B
Subj: PCL Packet Net Summary for November 6, 2023
Sent: 231107/0145Z 57674@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.24

PCL Packet Net Summary for November 6, 2023


NS2B	Bob	Penfield, NY	(sysop)
WX4QZ	Daryl	Little Rock, AR	(nco/early checkin)
K0WAV	Scott	Berryville, AR
KX4AC	Carl	Melbourne, FL
VA7RBP	Rick	Castlegar, BC
KE4TP	Paul	Riverview, FL	(HF/dropped)
KF5TVG	Bob	Broken Arrow, OK


K0WAV  Scott :  
K0WAV  Scott : GE all and THX for doing the net Bob.   week has been fair to slightly busy. 
K0WAV  Scott : good weather over the weekend and such upper 70s to 80 expected next day or two, and then some rain 
K0WAV  Scott : Leaves are in full song atm so enjoying that 
K0WAV  Scott : worked a bit of digital... got the bugs worked out of VARA HF, have no VARA FM in signal range with my temp 
K0WAV  Scott : vhf set-up so sad about that... I was able to connect FM-pkt via APRS with Scott- KF5JRV but not his BBS 
K0WAV  Scott : other than that pretty quiet, but I 60M FT8 has been busy, guess folks want to use it while it last, 
K0WAV  Scott : hope they don't clobber us too badly on that band it is fun on to use. 
K0WAV  Scott : nice fit between 40 and 80 with the conditions are in flux 
K0WAV  Scott : BTU Bob >>> 

KX4AC  Carl :  
KX4AC  Carl : GE All, 
KX4AC  Carl :    Well, two weeks ago I took a week of vacation at Walt Disney World.  I 
KX4AC  Carl : had a great time and the weather was just about perfect.  I really liked the 
KX4AC  Carl : new "Moana" exhibit; it has a waterfall that parts as you approach so you 
KX4AC  Carl : can pass through. There are interactive fountains and surf that crashes at 
KX4AC  Carl : your command.  All-in-all a fun exhibit. 
KX4AC  Carl :    However, I guess I should have worn a mask, because the Saturday after 
KX4AC  Carl : I got home I came down with an awful cold.  I am sure I must have caught it 
KX4AC  Carl : at the parks.  I missed last week's net because I just wanted to get to bed 
KX4AC  Carl : early.  My COVID test was negative, so at least it is not that.  The doctor 
KX4AC  Carl : gave me an antibiotic and I have been trying to rest.  I still have a hacking 
KX4AC  Carl : cough, but I do feel better this week.  Luckily I can work from home, so I 
KX4AC  Carl : have not missed much time from work. 
KX4AC  Carl :    Back to net >>> 

VA7RBP Rick :  
VA7RBP Rick : Good evening Bob and all on the NET. 
VA7RBP Rick : I managed to keep myself busy last week with working on my packet node, trying to troubleshoot 
VA7RBP Rick : a couple of new AXIP links that are being stuborn. I also worked on a project to consolidate 
VA7RBP Rick : a bunch of PTT interfaces into a more compact assembly, mounted all the components onto 
VA7RBP Rick : stripboard, and found an old PacComm DFM TNC case to mount it in, just now in the process 
VA7RBP Rick : of laying out and cutting the front and rear panels for connectors and indicator LEDs. 
VA7RBP Rick : I think we only had one day with snow, so far. It was melting as fast as it landed. 
VA7RBP Rick : It's been raining here for several days, if the tem. drops we could get a dump. 
VA7RBP Rick : Well...that's about all I have, so BTU Bob >>> 

KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : GE Bob and all on the net! 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : I made an ft8/15m contact this afternoon with L36Z, which is a Antartic Research 
KF5TVG Bob : Station. Hope he confirms the contact! If so, that will put me at 138 confirmed 
KF5TVG Bob : DXCCs. 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : Weather has been plesant here on the pararie the last few days, but will be cold 
KF5TVG Bob : and rainy this Wednesday. 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : My OK State cowboys beat rival OU this weekend in the last "bedlam" game! It was 
KF5TVG Bob : a "lonely" win, since I now live in Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma. 
KF5TVG Bob : This was the last bedlam game, since OU (and Texas) are jumping from the 
KF5TVG Bob : BIG12 to the SEC next year and OU/OkState won't play each other anymore. :( 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : Covid seems to rearing it ugly head again, for sure. We have friends in 
KF5TVG Bob : Bentonville, AR and Branson, MO that have come down with it over the 
KF5TVG Bob : last week. Heard it is not as bad as previous versions though. 
KF5TVG Bob :  
KF5TVG Bob : That's all for now. BTU Bob >>> 

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