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BID : 57058_NS2B
Subj: PCL NET SCRIBE OCT 23 2023
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WX4QZ, Daryl, Arkansas (Net Control/Scribe)
NS2B, Bob, New York (Sysop)
K0WAV, Scott, Arkansas (Connection Issues)
VA7RBP, Rick, Canada
KX4AC, Carl, Florida
KF5TVG, Bob, Oklahoma
KC4NPD, John, Virginia (First Time Checkin)



Another week...another long diatribe (hi hi).

The time change is coming up on Sunday, Nov. 5.
Be sure to "FALL BACK", if you obsere the time
change, or you'll be AN HOUR EARLY to church,
work, ham radio traffic nets, etc. Daylight Savings
Time returns on Sunday, March 10, 2024. Most net
times won't change, but UTC times will be AN HOUR
LATER than they are now...and for nets that run on
UTC Time, local checkin time will be ONE HOUR 
EARLIER than it is now. Are we confused yet?? 
(hi hi).

While I should be here next Monday, Oct. 30, for 
this net (Bob (NY) won't be here, as he'll be on
"Pumpkin Patrol"), I will miss the first 2 PCL Nets 
next month (November; where has the year gone?? The 
Valentine's Day and Easter stuff will be out soon 
(hi hi)).

These will be for a urinary tract procedure on Nov. 
6, and left hip replacement surgery on Nov. 13. The 
net will NOT meet on Nov. 20, due to that being the 
week of the Thanksgiving Holiday for the US. I plan 
to be back on Nov. 27. Besides, while I enjoy being 
Net Control and Scribe, Bob, NS2B, needs the practice 
for the net (hi hi). Seriously, we do appreciate him 
providing the BBS for us. Also, since both Christmas 
(Dec. 25) and New Year's (Jan. 1) are on Monday, the 
PCL Net will be OFF both of those nights as well. 
We hope everyone has a happy holiday season.

As for the urinary tract deal, they basically are 
trying to find a remedy for incontinence (both sides), 
which is part of growing old. You basically are afraid 
to cough or sneeze, as you might "have an accident". 
The proposed medications could've caused blindness, or 
very dry mouth and eyes (more than what they already 
are). I've been using cough drops to moisten my mouth 
and throat, and using eye drops like's hard 
to work at the computer otherwise. This third medication 
is helping some, but I guess I just have to suffer.

As for the left hip surgery, I've had pain in the left 
hip for several years, and over the last several months, 
it has been radiating out through the groin, and down the 
entire left leg, through the knee, and into the foot
(never mind I have gout attacks to go with the body-wide 
arthritis)...and it has gotten extreme and unbearable, 
where I have great difficulty moving around...never mind
risking a nasty fall.

But, it's actually the severe arthritis in the left hip 
that's the cause of the hip and knee pain, and it's likely 
causing pressure on the nerves going through the groin, 
and down the leg...similar to the bones in my neck that 
are pressing on the nerves. I had asked nurses "they
shoot horses, don't they??", and was told "that they do"
(hi hi).

I asked the surgeon if I would also need knee surgery or 
physical therapy. To my surprise, he basically said "Your 
left knee is fine. It is the extreme arthritis in your 
left hip that is causing all the grief". He felt that after
the surgery, just walking around the house with my walker 
(as much as I could tolerate, with pain medications), would 
suffice for the "physical therapy"...noting that "while you
will still have hip pain for a time, the pain in your leg,
knee, and foot, should decrease considerably". Men are wimps
when it comes to pain.

I then have followups on Nov. 30, and in mid-January. I
have a pre-surgery consultation set for Nov. 2 (they told 
me I'd be there all day...I hope they let me get some lunch,
or feed me!!), then the surgery itself will be on Nov. 13. 
They will keep me overnight in the hospital, and let me go 
home the next day...but I'll stay the night of Nov. 14 with
some friends, and come back home on Nov. 15.

Because the surgery has been deemed "medically necessary", my 
United Health Care Insurance HMO has approved it, and with 
having both Medicare and Medicaid, my cost for it may be 
little, if any. That fact alone makes one feel good!! That
reminds me of "The Flintstones" cartoon, where Fred and Barney 
went to the clinic, and this guy was coming out of the office,
screaming in pain. Fred asked if the guy needed to see the 
doctor, and the nurse replied "He's cured...the doctor just
showed him the bill" (hi hi).

In the long range (by next June), I may be able to resume 
actively square dancing, one of my other hobbies. There are 
"dancing hams", and I have used ham radio more than once at 
a square dance event to save someone's life, or to provide
emergency communications or weather info. My reply is that 
"this is what ham radio operators prepare for...emergency 
communications". No doubt the club will be glad for me to
pay dues again...I haven't been, being on "medical leave".
While I can't drive anymore, due to dry corneas as well as
suspect glaucoma, just being able to move around will be

We're supposed to have rain and storms later this week. I 
cancelled one of my nets this past Saturday, as it was 
involved in communications with the Hurricane Watch Net for 
Hurricane Tammy in the Atlantic (threatening the Leeward 
Islands), and Hurricane Norma threatening Baja California.
The season has 5 weeks to go, and there aren't many names 
left. The National Weather Service Winter Outlook for the
US is out, and the truth is that you really don't know
what may occur until possibly 3-5 days out. But, down in
Arkansas, if a "grocery store warning" ends up being issued,
that means you had better get to the store fast...or you
won't find any bread, milk, beer, or toilet paper (hi hi).

I'm to do a license exam session on Saturday, Oct. 28, and 
that'll be the last one for our group for the year. We won't
set up 2024 dates until after the holidays. Of note, the ARRL 
website and the VEC operations are shut down until tomorrow, 
Oct. 24, for maintenance; so those wanting to check for exam 
results, or other ARRL items, have to wait until Tuesday.



GE All!

Thanks Daryl, I'll try to remote connect next Monday night, 
we'll see how that works out.

BTW - don't think Scott is seeing any of our text - his queue 
is way backlogged.

So our local Winlink hub seems to be dead. I can connect, but
then it just disconnects without processing anything. I almost 
think it has something to do with the county networks as the 
neighboring EOC Winlink hub is behaving exactly the same. I 
hope they get it fixed soon. I like having a local VHF 
connection for Winlink.

So last Friday we took the train down to NYC, had some awesome 
pizza, and saw Billy Joel at MSG. A really good show!

However, Saturday was more exciting. Apparently some Amtrak 
tracks had been disrupted by a flash flood mudslide between 
NYC and Albany so they had cancelled at least 9 trains when 
we were there. So we grabbed a bus to Syracuse, borrowed 
MaryJo's Mom's car, and drove the rest of the way home. An 
exciting weekend.

Today, we actually had sun, and it was almost warm - so I 
was out raking leaves. I'm tired now!

Well, like I said, I'll try to remote, but otherwise I'll 
catch you after the holiday!  Everyone have a good week!  
73 >>>



Good evening Daryl and all on net.

Yup, we're expecting some snow tomorrow and Wednesday.

Last week, I worked on doing some upgrades to the NODE, 
added a HUB HAT to the Pi4, so I can add some more USB 
devices. I played around with adding HF Packet, and VARA 
using my FT-890 spare radio.

I think I've only had one connect from W7BMH in Oregon 
on HF Packet, so far. But it's sitting on NET105, 
monitoring away...

I buggered up my back last week, cleaning up some bear 
garbage. I guess the bear raided someones garbage can 
and dragged some stuff between me and my neighbor's place.
I got tired of looking at the mess, went out to clean it 
up, and managed to twist the wrong way...ouch.

I'm still studying "C" programming, the old marbles must 
be squaring off, they don't fall in the holes too quickly 
now days.

That's all I have for this week. Everyone have a great week, 
stay well, 73 until next time. BTU Daryl >>>



GE All

Sorry to hear about the hip, Daryl. I had a hip fracture 
several years ago, and it sure is no fun. I also would 
have sworn it was my knee, not the hip. It is strange 
how that works.

Otherwise, I had a quiet week at work, finished up one 
task, and ready to start a new one. But, the new task 
will have to wait a week. I am taking a week of vacation,
and I have a date with The Mouse. I drove out after dialysis
this morning and am staying at a quasi-reasonable hotel near, 
but not on, Disney property. I am doing EPCOT tomorrow, Magic 
Kingdom on Wednesday, and Hollywood studios on Thursday. I 
especially want to see the new Moana exhibit at EPCOT. 

I shall report next week.

In the meantime, I worked a bit on some scripting for bulletins 
and played a bit more with HF out of the car.

Not much more for me today except read a bit and then get to 
bed. 73s to everyone. Have a good week and I'll see you again 
next Monday. Back to net>>>



GE Daryl and all on the net!

After Charley reported great success on a raffle, I think I'm 
going to drop $20 at the Ardmore, OK Hamarama this weekend 
for a chance at an Icom 705 with loads of accessories. The 
total is valued at over $3,000.

There is a group of students in shawnee, ok (about 45min drive 
from Norman) that have shown an interest in radiosondes. They 
contacted one of our group asking for help, so there are several 
of us that will likely give them a hand.

Also heard a reference to radiosondes on the "Ham Radio Crash 
Course" podcast a few days ago. Seems to be more and more interest 
in them (and in recycling the 'sonde for ham use).

Daryl, will be praying for great outcomes from your medical 

That's all for tonight. Have a great week everyone 73 and BTU>>>



Good Evening. It took me a little time to get on.

GE first time checking into the net. New to Packet. I am really 
enjoying learning.

Thank you have a good evening ..73 to everyone. >>>


Replies from WX4QZ: 

Guess we lost Scott for his connection...I'll log him.

Bob (NY), I've got the net for you next week, so if you can get 
in, fine...otherwise, since you get the net for 2 weeks after 
that, then we're off for the holiday, I'll have to email you on 
the medical things. 

FB on the Billy Joel show and the pizza, but bummer on the
transportation back home. Still quite a few leaves to fall
here, but my yard guy isn't due back until March.

Bummer on the Winlink issues...hope they can fix that soon.

Rick, FB on the upgrades and HF packet, but bummer on the snow,
the programming, and throwing your back out. Hope you feel better 

Carl, the knee is apparently's the arthritis in the hip
pressing on the nerves, that's causing all the pain. I just hope
I can last the 3 weeks until the surgery. FB on "the date with
the Mouse", and the scripting for the bulletins, and HF work.

Bob (OK), why not on the prize tickets at the hamfest?? While 
someone buying $200 worth has a 10 times better chance than you
buying $20, with the $3000 value, you more than get your money
back if you win, and it only takes one ticket.

FB on the radiosondes with the group...hope that goes well. Thanks
for the prayers on the procedures...I'll be awake for the first
one (ugh!), but will get some good sleep during the other one.

John, we're glad to have you...we're here every Monday at 8pm
Eastern Time, except during the weeks of the US holidays of
Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, and New Years. Hope you can join us again soon.


Daryl, WX4QZ

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